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Parliament approves legislation for 10-year passports

The look at a Grenadian Passport

Starting July 1, 2024, Grenadian citizens will enjoy a 10 instead of five year extended passport for a new fee of $350.00.

The G series non-biometric passports, first issued on August 4, 2006, with a five-year validity, are set for this monumental update.

However, passports for those under 18 years of age will maintain the five-year validity period, recognising the rapid changes in young people’s appearances.

Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration Dickon Mitchell spearheaded the amendment bill’s approval in the Lower House last Tuesday, reflecting the government’s responsiveness to public concerns.

“From the time we assumed office, citizens have complained, understandably so, about the fact that our passport has a shorter lifespan than the average passport throughout most of the OECS, Caricom countries, and in fact, the international community,” he told Parliament.

The Grenadian leader assured the Lower House that this development is a testament to the government’s commitment to addressing citizens’ needs.

“Once this bill is enacted from July 1, which we hope to be the effective date, it will allow our citizens, when they apply for a new passport or when they renew their old passport, to have a 10-year passport issued,” the Prime Minister remarked.

Highlighting the practical benefits, PM Mitchell noted that the extended validity will particularly aid those traveling to the USA and Canada, where visas often outlast the current five-year passport validity.

“Now you can have a passport that is 10 years when you renew the old passport, so you don’t have to staple two of them together and walk around with them,” he explained, emphasising the convenience for frequent travelers.

The amendment also received resounding support in the Upper House, with Leader of Government Business Senator Adrian Thomas advocating for the bill’s approval on Wednesday.

The Upper House passed the bill without any amendments, reinforcing the widespread approval for this progressive change.

This landmark decision marks a new era for Grenadian citizens, aligning passport services with international standards and ensuring greater convenience and value for travelers.

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