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Over 100 road accidents in three weeks

Inspector Rondel Baptiste - the Officer in Charge of Administration and Operations at the Traffic Department

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has reiterated the need for the motoring public to do their part to ensure road safety for themselves, other road users, and pedestrians.

Speaking during a live press conference in St. George’s on Monday, Inspector in Charge of Administration and Operations at the Traffic Department, Rondel Baptiste, called on motorists to “drive with due care and attention,” while expressing concern with the occurrence of some “101 motor vehicular accidents during the last three (3) weeks, September 10th – October 3rd.

The statistics from the Traffic Department includes one (1) fatality, four (4) serious accidents, and 96 which are considered as minor.

The Police Inspector’s call comes days after a 49-year-old Westerhall, St. David resident, Raymond Prime was charged with the offence of “Driving under the influence of alcohol, following a serious accident in the Close Rock area on September 30, involving a motorcycle and a Toyota Rav 4 vehicle which left two (2) individuals hospitalised.

Insp. Baptiste revealed that Prime’s blood alcohol concentration level was in excess of twice the legal limit of 70 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

“He (the driver of the Rav 4) had a limit of 147, more than doubling the amount that the law requires him to have in his system while driving a motor vehicle,” he said.

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“…We must not drive while under the influence of alcohol (or) drive a motor vehicle and use our mobile device,” he warned.

Days earlier, on September 27, a young Marli, St. Patrick resident died at the hospital after succumbing to injuries sustained in a road accident in the village the day before, a matter which is still under police investigation, according to Insp. Baptiste.

“We all have our roles to play to ensure that we keep our road safe for all its users… we need to remember that road safety is everybody’s business, and not just the business of the Royal Grenada Police Force,” he told reporters.

Insp. Baptiste dispelled the notion that some of the recent accidents are due to persons rushing to their final destination to beat the curfew hours.

He said the unfortunate incidents occurred well within the hours of movement, and encouraged sober driving and adherence to the speed limit, which “is 20 mph for all motor vehicles in the Town,” while “out of (the) Town, the speed limit for private motor vehicles is 40 mph (and) 35 mph for public service, and goods vehicles.”