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Nurses get bad treatment at general hospital

The St George’s General Hospital has been the main medical facility on the island for decades

A senior nurse at the St George’s General Hospital wants Health Minister Phillip Telesford to look into the treatment given to some of her own colleagues in the institution whenever they too fall sick.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY, the nurse complained of the below average treatment given to nurses by those running the island’s premier medical facility.

She spoke of a recent incident in which a nurse had a black-out on the road and hit her head on the asphalt.

“One of my colleagues fall recently – she fell down in the road, she just blocked off and she fall down – her head swell up as she fall down on the asphalt in the road,” she said.

According to the nurse, it was just horrific the kind of treatment given to the nurse at the hospital.

She said the Nurse who suffers from sickle cell visited the Casualty Department for treatment and all she received there was medication for pain and then sent home.

“She had a big hematoma in her head – the head swell up – they don’t even do an x-ray. She had to end up coming back to the hospital and ended up on the ward.”

“This thing has to stop,” said the senior nurse who added, “I don’t see why we have to be treating our own people like this, we are not supposed to be treating our own people like this.”

She went on to say: “The managers at the hospital are not doing their work, the Departmental Sisters not doing their work. You can’t complain to nobody in Hospital Administration and anything is being done.”

According to the nurse every complaint is met with the common response “work with what you have”.

“How could you work with what you have when you know better could be done?”

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The senior nurse also complained that the present crop of doctors at the hospital are just “doing what they want”, as there is no accountability at the General Hospital.

She lamented that the doctors are vastly different in carrying out their work when compared with the doctors who used to work at the old hospital building.

“In the old hospital when a patient come with a foot, the doctor go fight up with the foot to see if he could save the foot and tell you if he’s going to amputate and what could be done. Today, they are watching it one time and telling you they are cutting it out – one time, same time and they are telling you they are cutting it out.”

The nurse called for change in the system as the doctors are doing Grenadians just what they want.

She also exposed what she said was a problem faced by amputated patients at the community medical stations.

“Even in the community we seeing a set of patients coming back (to the General Hospital) after they do amputation – you see them coming back with infection because the Nurse in the community probably don’t know what an infected wound looks like or instead of letting the patient’s doctor view the wound, she let the patent get infected. They believe that it has to be infected for the doctor to see it.

The nurse charged that a lot of doctors and nurses are feeling “the pressure of the system” and just not performing to their best at the hospital.

“The pressure of the system shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you have to do. But because there is no accountability, people up there are getting away with murder,” she said.

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