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No medication for woman bitten by Mongoose

The St. George’s Health Centre is the place where the lady tried to get treatment for the bite from the Mongoose

A Grand Mal woman has complained of not getting any medicine at a government medical facility in the city to treat her for a bite from a Mongoose earlier in the week.

A family member called THE NEW TODAY to report that the woman visited the Health Centre on Melville Street and did not receive any vaccination for the wound on her foot from the Mongoose which is suspected to be infected with rabies.

According to the family member, the only place that apparently has some of the doses to treat persons bitten by a Mongoose is St. Augustine Medical facility at St Paul’s but it did not have the full treatment.

He said the woman is very concerned since it is believed that it takes between 3-6 days before an individual can get infected from a bite by a Mongoose.

He pointed out that the woman is currently at her home and not getting any treatment as local Pharmacies reportedly do not have the specialised medication needed to treat persons bitten by a Mongoose.

He expressed concern that the island is apparently without a stock of medication to handle rabies cases.

The family member said he spoke to the woman Wednesday and she told him that she was not feeling “too good today.”

“She (is) yawning, yawning and she is gasping for breath,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

“I asked her if she had a fever and she told me no. I said (to her) I don’t think it is that (Rabies) yet. I ask her if it (the wound) is scratching her and she say no.”

“She did the protocol – as soon as the incident (the bite from the Mongoose) happened, she washed the foot with soap and water and visited the doctor the next day – she should have visited the doctor at the same time.”

THE NEW TODAY reached out to Health Minister Senator Jonathan La Crette on the issue but he did not respond to the situation involving the woman who is from the St George North-west constituency in which he is the Congress representative for the area.

A top local pharmacist said he checked with the supplier of the vaccines and was assured that there is sufficient stock on hand to treat persons affected by Mongoose bites.

There have been reports of an increase in the Mongoose population on the island in recent months with frequent sightings of the animal in several parts of the country.

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