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NNP moving closer to convention date

Dr. Mitchell – is planning to control the outcome of the convention

The main opposition New National Party (NNP) is planning to hold its long overdue Convention to select a new leader to replace the aging Dr. Keith Mitchell sometime between late September and October.

According to a well-placed source, this is the timeframe that is being currently looked at by Dr. Mitchell who announced prior to losing power in the June 2022 general election that the poll would be the last for him in a political career spanning just over half-a-century.

The party insider told THE NEW TODAY that former Agriculture Minister Peter David who has expressed interest in becoming the new NNP Political boss is not on the cards to get the top party job.

He said the two names who are often mentioned within the hierarchy of the party are former Solicitor General Dwight Horsford who is currently serving as Attorney General in Anguilla and ex-Education Minister Emmalin Pierre, the Member of Parliament for St Andrew South-east.

He spoke of Horsford being the favourite as the NNP believes that he can match up intellectually with the current Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

Speculation is rife that Horsford is returning home in a matter of months to make himself available for consideration at the upcoming convention as the new Political Leader of the party.

The NNP insider indicated that Dr. Mitchell is looking at ways to get rid of David as a party member prior to the holding of the Convention.

He said the former Congress General Secretary who joined the NNP after the 2013 general election, is now being seen as “a disruptive element” who can only hinder the NNP in its drive to be seen as a united force in its bid to regain power from Congress which it lost 21 months ago.

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He stressed that the relationship between Dr. Mitchell and David “is rather cold” at the moment and it is very unlikely that there could be a rapprochement between the two in the coming months.

The NNP insider pointed to two recent public meetings held by the party in the St George area in which David attended the sessions, delivered addresses and left almost immediately.

He said that there was virtually no communication between Dr. Mitchell and his ex-government minister during the meetings and that none of them looked in the direction of each other.

David is known to have confided in close aides that he intends to contest for the position of NNP Political Leader at the convention and has nothing to lose at this stage of his life and political career.

In April 2023, former NNP government minister Delma Thomas who won the St Andrew North-west seat in the 2022 general election but is now with Congress, warned David at a sitting of Parliament that Keith Mitchell and his supporters will be coming after him.

Weeks earlier, MP Thomas told supporters at a Town Hall meeting in her rural constituency that one of the main divisive issues in the NNP after it lost the election was Dr. Mitchell’s position that David should not become the next political leader of NNP.

She told the gathering that the ageing Grenadian leader told her in a meeting that David was “mashing up” the party and that she should go out and “curse him.”

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