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NNP activist leaves quarantine after two days

The area where the Grenadian who returned from France is staying

A Grenadian who returned from France this week and spent less than three days in quarantine is causing concern among some people of the Mt Rush area.

The man, who is a known activist of the ruling New National Party (NNP) and attached to the House Repair Programme, arrived in Grenada on Monday and was seen playing cards at a neighbourhood shop on Wednesday evening.

Residents of the area have been worried that he was not subjected to the full 14-day quarantine required by Law and can put the entire community at risk.

Sources in the Mt Rush area said he told them that he had been in quarantine for forty-eight hours and he was also overheard in a telephone conversation expressing concern about being tracked by health officials if he stayed on the phone too long.

The man who works with the government’s house repair programme which has been blatantly used for political purposes, is a resident of the Mt Gay Housing Scheme and lives in close proximity to hundreds of people, including many elderly and children.

France has close to 100, 000 active cases as of this week with an overall number of confirmed cases of 209, 000 and more than 30, 000 deaths.

Grenada recorded only 24 confirmed cases and zero deaths. Residents of the area attempted to contact the COVID-19 Hotline regarding this matter and were unable to get through as one number appeared to be disconnected and the other went unanswered.

The hotlines were set up by the State to take reports regarding suspected cases and cases of the virus.

Currently, Grenada’s anti-COVID-19 regulations include mandatory quarantine for fourteen days for anyone arriving in the country, as well as being tested for the virus.

The Grenada government has declared the country free of COVID-19 but the re-opening of the country’s borders has heightened the risk for a second wave of the virus.

The government had announced an unyielding stance regarding mandatory 14-days quarantine and people in the area are questioning why this particular person has been allowed to move back to his home so soon.

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