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NNP Activist calls for 3-times MP Delma Thomas to resign

NNP Activist Andre Donald - wants to see bi-elections in the NNP St. Andrew North West stronghold

I am not saying that you should not associate yourself with members of the National Democratic Congress but you must show respect for the party to which you belong…so, sister, just step out, and let someone who wants to represent the people of the St. Andrew North West constituency (to) get that opportunity.

That was part of the scathing attack leveled at the 3-times Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North-west Delma Thomas, who had been the subject of widespread scrutiny, mostly by NNP members, over her decision to co-operate with members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

Donald expressed his indignation with MP Thomas on the heels of last week Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, which saw members on the Opposition side strongly opposing the passage of the controversial Data Protection Bill.

The longstanding NNP activist raised alarms over Thomas’ absence at the parliamentary sitting, citing it as a disrespect to the party that she did not inform her Opposition colleagues that she would not be attending.

“Everyone except the Executive members of the National Democratic Congress thought she was going to come (attend the parliamentary sitting),” said Donald, who spoke of being well-informed that “they (those on the government side of the House) knew she was not going to come.”

“How (do) I know that? Check me, I got the facts,” he told listeners, adding that “based on information received there was no excuse read out for her (MP Thomas) in Parliament on Tuesday.”

Donald called for the resignation of the longstanding female MP to allow for bi-elections to be held among the people in the St. Andrew North West constituency.

Thomas is one of six (6) re-elected MP’s under the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) regime, which suffered a 9-6 defeat at the June 2022 election poll, after two consecutive clean sweep victories in the 2013 and 2018 general elections.

“I am speaking to you ma’am, If you don’t want to be a part of the Keith Mitchell led-party, …………..resign, and let there be a bi-elections. Nothing is stopping you from running as an independent but you must not, you must not continue to play jack on both sides…” Donald charged.

When contacted by THE NEW TODAY on Monday for clarity on the issue, MP Thomas affirmed that she did inform the political leader along with other members of the main Opposition party of her absence at last Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting.

The opposition Parliamentarian did not wish to comment further on Donald’s arguments and used the opportunity to pledge her full commitment to the people of St. Andrew North West.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Leo Cato has also confirmed that MP Thomas did submit an excuse for her absence from the sitting.

Relations are said to be rather cold between Thomas and former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell following the NNP’s loss at the polls.

After advocating for political unity in the country during his long tenure in office, Dr. Mitchell expressed concern with MP Thomas’ decision to accompany her rival in Congress, Gloria Thomas on visits throughout the constituency.

The NNP is believed to be affected by division within its ranks as a section of the party has been giving support to the notion that the 76-year old ageing ex-Prime Minister should exit and for a much younger person to emerge as the new leader of the party.

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