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New date set in December for matter related to divorce between Keith Mitchell and his wife

Court Bailiff Terry Registe (l) still managed to get “a bounce of the hand” from Dr. Keith Mitchell who refused to accept the legal papers that summoned him to court for the hearing with his wife

High Court Judge Justice Raulston Glasgow has been forced to adjourn a court matter related to Divorce Proceedings between former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his Barbadian-born wife Marietta Mitchell during a hearing Monday.

The judge was expected to hear an application for an injunction filed by attorney-at-law Deloni Edwards on behalf of Mrs. Mitchell seeking to restraint the ex-Grenadian leader from engaging in what she labelled as  “acts of terror” in order to force her to leave the Matrimonial Home at Happy Hill in St George North West. 

A source told THE NEW TODAY that the judge decided not to proceed with the matter due to the late filing of a Court document by female attorney Kim George which the other side needed time to respond to.“I understand that based on what Kim George filed, and it was filed late – the court chose not to entertain the application of Mrs. Mitchell at this point in time and set a new date for its hearing,” she said.

According to the court official, Justice Glasgow adjourned the matter for a few weeks until December when he expects both parties will be ready to deal with the matter. A lawyer who was in court Monday said he did not see either Dr. Mitchell or his wife attend the court matter which was scheduled for hearing in the Judge’s Chambers.

She said she understood that it was later heard on the Zoom Platform by the judge and that both Dr. Mitchell and his wife signed in for the proceedings. When contacted, Attorney Edwards told THE NEW TODAY that he was not in a position to speak to the media especially on a matter that is before the Judge in Chambers.

In a paper filed in court, Dr. Mitchell is contending that he and his estranged wife have settled most of their matrimonial assets acquired over the years and that the only issue of contention is the Matrimonial Home at Happy Hill.

A letter written on October 6, 2022 by Attorney George to her colleague Edwards said in part:

The parties amicably agreed, in accordance with the fact they had been separated for some time, to dispose of their matrimonial assets both in Grenada and in the United States, in accordance with the following documents.

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(a) Owner’s agreement with respect to the property owned by the parties in New York, USA (“the Agreement”) situated at 483 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn New York (“the New York Property”), executed 18th August, 2021.

(b)  Deed of Gift of property to your client situated at Westerhall, Fort Jeudy, St. George’s measuring 37, 994 Square Feet – Keith Mitchell to Marietta Mitchell dated 27th May, 2021

(c)  Declaration of Trust in relation to the New York property dated 30th June, 2021:

(d) Share Transfer Certificate to your client, of all of our client’s share in the company The New Great House Corporation, which said company owns the premises known as “Mt. Helicon” situated at Lucas Street, St. George’s

(e) Deed of Gift of property to our client by yours, situated at Diamond, St. Mark’s measuring 4 Acs. 3 Rds 34 Pls.

(f) That neither the Happy Hill Property … nor the property situated at Scott Street, St. George’s of which your client (Mrs. Mitchell) is aware, were made the subject of deeds, since they were already in our client’s name and the parties agreed that they would so remain.

(g) That the above-stated arrangements were intended to conclude and all any issues related to ownership and occupation of the properties acquired by the parties during marriage, such that our client has made and continues to make his own living arrangements whilst (in) New York even though he is part owner of the property.

(h) That in light of the above, the Happy Hill property ceased to be and could not reasonably be considered by (your) client, to be her, “home” once the agreements were made and deeds were executed, as they have been.

(i) That further your client has not only been gifted our client’s share in the New Great House property but has gone into exclusive occupation of this substantial asset and has therefore by her own conduct, treated the union between the parties as if it has been dissolved in all but paper.”

Dr. Mitchell and his wife have finally agreed to bring an end to 49 years of marriage since the two parties have been living separate from each other for over 10 years.

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