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Near drowning on Grand Anse beach

The scene on Grand Anse beach as several persons gathered around the young lady

Tragedy nearly struck the sand’s world famous beach on Grand Anse on the first day that it was re-opened by government following its closure due to protective measures to fight the coronavirus.

A young woman believed to be in her mid 20’s was saved Tuesday in circumstances, which went viral on Social Media.

THE NEW TODAY was able to speak with one of the persons who took part in helping to rescue the young lady from her ordeal.

He said that he was bathing around the area of the Umbrellas restaurant with his son when someone came by and said that a young lady was drowning further up the beach.

He spoke of telling his son to stay where he was and as he ran up the beach noticed that two persons were trying to assist someone who seemed to be in trouble in the water.

“I think God sent me and my son on the beach today because if it wasn’t for me she would have died. I was the one who did the CPR on her to bring her back to life,” he said in a posting on Facebook.

I keep working with her, keep pumping the water out until the ambulance reach. We just came back home – me and my son. I’m still shaking man… my muscles still shaking. I was so scared that she would die in my hands,” he added.

The rescuer also said: “That’s the reality – some people going through a lot of things but I was glad that we went there on the beach today otherwise she would have died because the other people that were there didn’t know CPR. So thank God for that (saving her life)”.

According to the man, the CPR worked as he was able to get a lot of water out of her stomach through her nostrils in the effort to help bring her around.

He said the police eventually arrived and asked him to give a statement on the situation and it was during this process that he overheard the mother of the young lady telling an officer that her daughter was seemingly troubled.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the rescued girl, who lived in the St. George South-east constituency, was rushed to the General Hospital and taken to the ICU section to receive urgent medical treatment.

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