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NDC sets date for convention

Learrie Barry – present NDC General Secretary

March 5 is the date set for the annual convention of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) of new Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

It will be the first gathering of delegates at the highest decision making body of the party following its 9-6 victory at the polls on June 23 against the New National Party (NNP) of former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

THE NEW TODAY understands that one of the most important issues to be decided at the convention is the election for the key post of General Secretary to help with the organisational work needed to put NDC in a good position to win the next general election.

He said that there has been some dissatisfaction with the level of work of the current holder of the post Learrie Barry and that Congress leaders are currently on the hunt for a replacement.

He referred to Barry as “just a good talker” but not one who is willing to do the hard work on the ground that goes with the position.

He pointed out that several names are under consideration but the frontrunner is a former Member of Parliament who is currently living outside the country.

The source said that contact has been made with the individual to try and lure him back to Grenada to take on the task of General Secretary of NDC to help in the badly needed process of rebuilding the party.

One person, Raphael Paul who is from the West coast has signaled his intention to contest the post and has started his campaign for the position.

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Paul has already submitted his campaign promotion “directly to party and constituency leaders, and members, throughout the country.”

“I am Raphael Paul – Pablo and I’ve served as Chairman of both the St. John, and St. Mark Constituencies. When NDC won the St. John’s seat for the very first time, I was the Chairman of that branch, and the de facto day-to-day manager of the campaign.”

“I chaired every constituency meeting, save one, and was also one of the main speakers. Uncle Tilly, Glen Noel, Kem Jones et al, can attest to that.”

“Just as I was able to renew the presence of our NDC, and lift its profile in St. Mark when I became the branch Chairman in April 2021; conceived and directed the first Town Hall meeting in July of that same year; and afforded PL Dickon Mitchell the opportunity of his first such event in February 2022, with the theme, “A Partnership of the People and the Politician,” I shall bring the same “Transformation” capacity to bear on our NDC party, when I’m elected as General Secretary, on Sunday, March 5th.”

Congress will also be looking for a new party Chairman as the current holder of the post of Minister with responsibility for Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs, Tevin Andrew is not seeking re-election.

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