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NAWASA engages residents in St Patrick

Head Table at the Community Engagement - L-R NAWASA's Alan , Samuel Spooner, Paul Thomas, Whyme Cox, and Constable Shervon Fortune of the RGPF

Residents of High Street, Marli and surrounding communities in St. Patrick, have welcomed an initiative by the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) to improve their piping network and quality of supply.

NAWASA officials, engaged residents through a community meeting at the Mac Donald College, on May 23 and got their support for the project, which is scheduled to begin by the first week of June.

Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick West, Anthony Boatswain and Constable Shervon Fortune of the Royal Grenada Police Force, supported NAWASA in its engagement with the residents.

Discussions focused on traffic disruptions, water quality and supply as well as community employment opportunities for the project’s duration.

L- R Contractor Ovin Merryman, Communications Supervisor Mrs. Jamila Samuel, Officer in Charge, RGPF- St. Patrick, Inspector Donald Gilbert, District Supervisor St. Patrick, Paul Thomas and Project Manager and Engineering

Residents are being assured that although the work will bring some discomforts, NAWASA will make every effort to minimise those as much as possible.

“With all projects you’ll expect to have discomforts, you will expect to have inconveniences. You would have inconveniences with traffic, you will have inconveniences with dust. That we will try to minimise as best as possible” says project manager Samuel Spooner, who also notes that “we are also working with the RGPF in terms of alleviating the traffic inconvenience as much as possible”.

Over five hundred and ninety-thousand-dollars are being spent on laying four-inch lines to replace the existing three-inch lines and increase the volume of water to residents.

Work will be done by contractor Ovin Merryman and is expected to be completed within three (3) months.

The High Street Line Replacement Project is part of NAWASA’s Fifteen Million-dollar ($15,000,000.00) capital project, earmarked for 2019, aimed at improving service delivery to consumers.

The parish of St. Patrick will benefit from a four million dollar (4,000,000.00) investment.

Following completion of this project, work will start on the upgrading of the pipeline network from Mt. Craven through to Plains.  Several other small projects are ongoing across the island, with a view to improving consistency in supply.

The projects are being done as part of NAWASA’s Climate Resilient efforts and in keeping with the company’s goal of ensuring water supply for all.

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