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Murder in Grenville

A 28-year old man was killed in Grenville, St. Andrew last night in a chopping incident.

A police official told THE NEW TODAY that the deceased was identified as Kyron Tannis of Gladstone Road in Grenville.

Details of the circumstances surrounding the murder are very sketchy at this stage.

However, the incident took place close to 10.00 p.m. near to the Kalico supermarket area in Grenada’s second largest town.

The police official said that Tannis was rushed to hospital for treatment but later died there.

THE NEW TODAY has seen a photo of an individual lying on the ground with what looks to be a very deep chop wound on the left side of the body.

The Grenville killing came one day after another fatal stabbing incident in Thebaide in St. David in which the victim was 53-year old Angus Bleasdille who is known by the alias “Snackette”.

Police have detained 42 year old Alleyne “Cabbage” Thomas for questioning in connection with the incident which was sparked off by an argument after Bleasdille accused Thomas of stealing his fork and spade.

The two who are known to be frequent inmates of the Richmond Hill prison, got into a physical tussle in which Bleasdille was stabbed in the jugular vein area of the neck by his assailant.

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