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Moliniere land slippage area a sub-national disaster zone

A section of the deteriorating Molinere public road, which has forced at least six families and businesses operation in the area to relocate

The Moliniere land slippage area has been identified for declaration as a sub-national disaster zone.

A release issued by the Ministry for Disaster Management last week Friday stated that this declaration will be gazetted as per standard protocol in keeping with Section (8) of the National Disaster (Emergency Powers) Act of 1984.

However, the release did not indicate when the declaration will become official.

Extensive deterioration of the Moliniere main road in St. George has led to its closure since December 16, 2019, resulting in traffic being re-routed through the village of Mt. Moritz and with some residents forced to vacate the immediate area as the cracks in the road widen and deepen putting the structures of their homes and businesses at risk.

Speaking with reporters last week Friday, Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure Development and Implementation, Merina Jessamy said that residents, particularly those in the immediate vicinity of the land slippage area have been advised to seek temporary relocation.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development Merina Jessamy

While there are other families residing along the affected stretch of road which has since been closed to the motoring public, PS Jessamy said the six homes that are directly impacted by the slippage have been issued letters “informing them of the diversion of traffic and the inconvenience that it might cause for them.”

She also said that three out of the six families were issued a second letter informing them of dangers posed by cracked walls in their homes.

“Out of the six families, we issued a second letter to three families (as) we have observed cracks in the walls of their houses and so we wanted to inform them of that hazard…now I must say that from reports received, attempts have been made by the residents to look for alternative places at this time,” Jessamy said.

According to the release a team of engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, accompanied by the Minister for Disaster Management, Senator Winston Garraway visited the site and expressed “deep concerns over the level of the hazard and the safety of citizenry.”

It said that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has also consulted with the Grenada Institute of Professional Engineers to work in partnership to evaluate the proposals for the rehabilitation of the road and the evaluation of the geotechnical recommendations and designs.

Minister Garraway said as the government seeks funding for the project to fix the broken road, assistance for families are also being considered.

“First and foremost we have to look to the insurance companies and I do trust that the home owners here would have had insurance policies on their property (but) if that is not the case, obviously, we would look to the government for some form of support…being able to declare it as a sub-national disaster, getting funding, we will look to assist the families as much as we can,” Garraway is quoted as saying.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY is that as of last week Friday, those in the immediate vicinity have moved to safer locations as the section of the road between Mt. Moritz junction and Moliniere remain closed to the motoring public.

The ministry has since advised the general to respect and comply with the safety advisory issued and to cease and desist from using the area for vehicular traffic.

Pedestrians have been cautioned as well.

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