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Masked assassins appear in court

Razim Mitchell (on the left) appeared in court Tuesday morning along with fellow murder accused Marcus “Slick” Johnson who covered his face with a red looking scarf to avoid photo journalists

Security was tight as police on Tuesday escorted two of the persons implicated in the May 12 execution of Carenage gangster Von “Wangy” Cyrus in the drug infested Saigon area in the south of the island in feuding among rival gangs.

Thirty-three-year-old Razim Mitchell, along with Marcus “Slick” Johnson, were hurriedly brought into the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court by armed police officers wearing bulletproof vests.

The appearance of the men, who were masked and armed on the night of the incident, attracted a large crowd but police cordoned off the area to keep them in the streets and only allowed journalists to venture onto the court compound.

Police are still hunting for two of the four gangsters who launched the armed attack on Cyrus and the man known as the “Carenage Don”.

When the two suspects appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Francine Foster, she set June 10 as the next date to return to court for the matter to be mentioned and September 24 for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder charges.

The Charge Sheet listed the number of charges slapped by the police against the two gangsters.

  • Capital Murderby unlawfully causing the death of Von Cyrus
  • Attempt to commit Capital Murder by causing harm to Damian “Jigger” Depradine
  • Attempt to commit Capital Murder by unlawfully causing harm to Kemaury Peters
  • Robbery by stealing 2 gold chains valued exceeding $7,000 EC, the property of Von Cyrus
  • Robbery by stealing one gold hand band exceeding $2,000 from Von Cyrus
  • Stealing a Hyundai Venue car #PC100 valued at $88,000, the owner being Richard Flemming of Mt. Egmont
  • Having in their possession 4 rounds of .45 MM ammunition and 10 rounds of .9MM ammunition.
  • Possession of 3 firearms – the make and serial number unknown.
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The two murder suspects are being represented by attorney-at-law Jerry Edwin.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the police have in their possession video footage showing the “Carenage Don” during the incident, with the assassins using a gun to fire several shots at them.

Underworld sources have said that one of the bullets hit the engine of the stolen vehicle used by the assassins and forced them to abandon it and flee on foot into the hills of Mount Toute.

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