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Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

A controversial memo from Amalgamated Security Services G’da Ltd (ASSL) is generating a great deal of discussions on the island.

The memo is informing employees that Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory to continue employment with the company.

When THE NEW TODAY contacted the company’s General Manager, Charles Roderiques for comment on the issue, he was very reluctant to do so.

Roderiques described it as an internal memo from the Grand Anse-based company which should not be in the public domain.

“I’m in a meeting right now but I will call you back. Based on wat you are calling about I can tell you that I won’t have a comment on it right now,” he said.

When asked if he had to go somewhere else to get the information to respond, the security firm manager said: “No, no but I will call you back – am in a meeting and I don’t want to be distracted in the meeting. That circular is an internal document.

The ASSL manager did not call back and all attempts to reach him proved futile.