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Look at the criminal elements at the Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill prison – is said to be over crowded

A prominent Grenadian with inside knowledge of the Underworld of Crimes on the island is urging those in charge of National Security to zoom in on some of the major prisoners at the Richmond Hill prison serving long sentences for criminal activities including murder.

The source who spoke to THE NEW TODAY said he had information to the effect that about 80% of the drug smuggling in Grenada is organised by inmates at the Richmond Hill prison.

He warned that nearly all of the recent gun-related crimes in the country have links to persons behind the prison walls.

“If not 100% but at least 90% of the recent spate of gun crimes are directed by prisoners who are serving long term sentences at the Richmond Hill prison,” said the source.

“I know that – I can say that without fear of being successfully challenged. That is a fact. Every one of these guys in the prison, especially in the Security area have mobile phones,” he added.

The source spoke of one particular inmate who is using a cellphone to make calls to persons on the outside on a daily basis.

He said these criminal elements in the prison have “extremely strong links” in the community and often get assistance in carrying out their illegal activities.

He also expressed concern about the increasingly young age of inmates now at the prison who then come back into the society and engage in more criminal activities.

“If you see little boys up there,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

The source charged that the prison population consists of too many youngsters around the age range of 19 who are just sent up to the institution by the criminal justice system and allow them to “sit at the feet of the masterminds of violent crimes.”

“What is he going to do? The age of the inmates at the prison is startlingly young,” he said.

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According to the source, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is not on top of the crime situation in the country and needs to be more proactive in dealing with the situation.

He called for the setting up of Mobile police stations in those hotbed areas like Woburn in the south of the island, as well as Calivigny and certain parts of the St David coastline as a lot of criminal activities including gun-running takes place in that part of the island.

He said the authorities already know that Woburn is “a hot spot” for illegal activities in Grenada and the decision-makers should consider taking more “affirmative action” to deal with the situation.

The source suggested that the Mobile police unit should be augmented with increased engagement in Community policing by RGPF in order to disrupt the activities of the criminal elements in the society.

He pointed out that RGPF is engaged in “too much reactionary mode” whenever a crime is committed and not focused on measures to be adopted to prevent criminal activities.

He also made mention of the manner in which one of the two alleged professional killers from Trinidad & Tobago was eventually caught in the St John’s area in the wake of the Carnival Monday assassination of a local in the well-to-do Egmont area.

The source said the fact that the suspect who is now on Remand at the Richmond Hill prison for murder proves that “he has connections on the ground” in Grenada.

The “Professional Killers” reportedly slipped into Grenada through Woburn and were harboured by a local who has since been charged by police for the offence of Capital Murder in connection with the Egmont shooting to death incident.

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