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Kem Jones: Jenny Simon doesn’t have what it takes to be a political commentator

Political Activist Kem Jones (l) – a strong supporter of Congress; Political Commentator Jenny Simon (r) - airs her views on current affairs issues on The Narrative every Wednesday

Political Activist Kem Jones has launched a blistering verbal attack against former executive member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jenny Simon, who assumed the role as a weekly Political Commentator on a locally televised programme some months ago.

According to Jones, Simon who resigned from NDC in the aftermath of its 15-0 loss to the New National Party (NNP) in the 2018 general election and had a short stint with the now dormant The Grenada Movement (TGM) “lacks what it takes to be a commentator or an analyst.”

“Jenny doesn’t possess the skills, knowledge (or) ability to effectively communicate on issues in this country, much less to be an analyst or commentator.” Jones told listeners to his ‘The Hub’ radio programme on Tuesday, where he highlighted excerpts from last week Wednesday’s The Narrative with Host Calistra Farrier, who engaged Simon in a discussion surrounding whether or not sound judgment has been applied by the new Dickon Mitchell-led Congress regime in the new appointments that have been made so far to the various statutory boards and commissions.

“We have a Cabinet that is pretty young, inexperienced, and incompetent in a lot of cases,” stated Simon, who had before the elections expressed dissatisfaction with some of the candidates selected by Congress.

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“And, I’ve seen it, and if you didn’t see it then you need to check your eyes, or you need to wear your glasses more often,” she told the programme host, when asked to “back up” the statement, and chose to evade the request indicating her desire to share her views on issues surrounding the recent strike at the state-owned Grenada Ports Authority (GPA), which was already on the agenda.

“I can back it up – I can but I am not going to go into that today…,” remarked Simon who once headed the Women’s arm of the Congress party.

According to Jones, a known supporter of the NDC government, it appears to him that Simon has a particular agenda, based on statements she makes about the administration whenever she appears on the weekly programme.

He castigated her performance last week Wednesday as a public embarrassment because, although she made the claim about Congress she was not prepared to back it up.

“Every time she goes on that programme she (Simon) is bitter,” Jones charged, expressing the view that “she is bitter because she regrets that she is not on the winning team.”

“She is extremely, extremely bitter because she lost the train,” he said.

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