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Human remains could be missing elderly

Grenada police are conducting investigations to determine whether human remains discovered today might be that of an elderly woman who went missing a year ago.

The remains were discovered in Mardi Gras, St Paul’s where Cecelia Mungo, 78, went missing on January 7, 2020.

Superintendent Vannie Curwen of the Police Community Relations Department said they have contacted the woman’s family seeking information on what clothing she was wearing at the time of her disappearance in order to compare it with what has been found with the remains.

Supt. Curwen said that based on new information, Mrs. Mungo may not have been wearing the clothing which was listed in the missing person report which was made one year ago.

“We are trying to find out from the family what clothes she was wearing. Now we are hearing that the clothes (reported a year ago) was not what she was wearing,” he said.

The police have said forensic evidence has been collected which may suggest or confirm the identity of the human remains.

The elderly woman, who according to family members was suffering from dementia, had disappeared without a trace after being seen in a garden at her residence in Mardi Gras.

Extensive searches were mounted in the area as well as in other places where sighting of an elderly woman had been reported, including at Perseverance, St George’s.

A reward of $4000.00, put up by Mount Pure Mineral Water and Captain Harris Suites, had been offered for information on her whereabouts but no credible information was ever received.

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