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Heads will roll

Acting Commissioner Don McKenzie – has promised a full investigation into the escape from custody of the dangerous prisoners

Police Officers connected to South St George Police Station are expected to face a number of Disciplinary Charges following the incident that resulted in the escape of prisoners and the death of two Americans

A top Commander in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has assured Grenadians that ”heads will roll” following the massive embarrassment to the country over the manner in which three prisoners were able to escape from South St George Police Station and allegedly killed two American yachties.

“I suspect that there are going to be charges coming out of it (the investigation),” said the top officer who pointed in the direction of possible disciplinary charges.

During a press conference on Monday, acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie told reporters that RGPF is taking this matter very seriously and decided to assign an investigator to look into all aspects of the manner in which the prisoners escaped from South St George.

Mc Kenzie said he was prepared to share with the public the results of the investigation.

The island’s chief cop preferred to stay clear of giving out investigation details in light of the ongoing investigation.

“I am quite limited to what I can say especially regarding the issue of the escapees,” he said.

According to McKenzie, this matter is now the subject of “an active investigation and the information that I possess is limited and can be considered second hand as I have had very limited discussions regarding the details of the investigation with my Vincentian counterpart.”

“Our conversation has mostly been centered around procedural contingencies,” he added.

The three escapees got out of the South St George Police Station on Sunday, February 18, 2024 and on the following day commandeered a Catamaran named Simplicity, operated by the Americans, to slip out of Grenada.

The information supplied by the police indicate that while travelling between Grenada and St Vincent, the escaped prisoners “disposed” of the Americans.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the three prisoners may have killed the yachties and then threw their bodies into the sea.

Commissioner McKenzie disclosed that Grenada has dispatched a 5-member team of CID personnel along with the local Coastguard “to collaborate with the St Vincent authorities in having a complete and thorough investigation of the matters before us.”

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When asked who is really to be blamed for this massive failure of RGPF to keep these escapees under their control, the chief cop said that standard procedure will be followed and that officers directly involved were asked to submit a report on the incident.

“That phase has been completed. We are not satisfied that we have got to the bottom of it so I have since directed a Senior Investigator to do a thorough investigation,” he said.

According to McKenzie, the intention is “to look at our systems and procedures with the aim of correcting – if there is any need for correction and to hold persons accountable should we find anyone violated or did not comply with established procedures.”

The current No.2 man at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent of Police Ryan Hall is the officer assigned the task.

Commissioner McKenzie attempted to side-step the question of whether he was prepared to accept on behalf of RGPF any conclusion reached in the investigation that the police should take full responsibility for the issue.

However, he disclosed that since the incident, one officer whom he described as “a Supervisor” who was due to proceed on Vacation Leave effective Monday had his vacation leave deferred to a date pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“He (the officer) has since been transferred to another station so as to ensure that we have a thorough investigation of this matter,” he said.

McKenzie told reporters that he personally visited the station immediately after the prisoners had escaped from custody and was satisfied that “if proper procedures were followed that we should not have had an escape.”

“The arrangements in that location has sufficient safety to prevent an incident like that occurring,” he remarked.

The three escapees were confined to a “holding” area at South St George Police Station when they ran away from the compound.

THE NEW TODAY was told by a number of retired senior police officers that the officers in charge of the station should be blamed as the prisoners were known to be dangerous and every precaution should have been made to separate them and also to put them in a more secured cell.

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