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HAG to take action on Chinese Hill

The houses at the Mt Rush Chinese Housing Scheme – are in dire strait and will be under repairs by Congress

The Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) is planning to repossess some of the low-income houses built by China for Grenada and refurbish them due to their dilapidated state.

A source within HAG told THE NEW TODAY that the housing schemes at Chinese Hill in Telescope in St Andrew South-east and Mt Rush at Mt. Gay are the two that will undergo a massive overhaul.

According to the official, the Chinese built units in Telescope can best be described as nothing but “a ghetto” by the residents.

“Right now people want to leave Chinese Hill because it has become such a ghetto,” she said.

“When you drive up Chinese Hill, some big grain of man 1 o’clock in the morning standing up dey, some just sit down in the road smoking,” she added.

The official pointed out that the housing situation at Telescope is terrible and the occupants living in the units “are not even putting out the garbage on the days that the garbage trucks are scheduled to pass through the area.

“The garbage comes out when convenient to them,” she remarked.

The HAG official stated that after a visit was done at Telescope and Mt. Gay to assess the situation it was then concluded that the best decision in going forward was to sell the units to people who really wanted “a home” and will take care of this “gift” from China.

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“These places that were supposed to be under lease, the people are not paying the lease. Housing cannot maintain this place from no income and they have both (been) turned into ghettos,” she said.

“So Housing is now trying to go up in Telescope, put down some rules, renovate the places and put out all the people who have not paid and now try to do the same concept – sell the space to the people who are seriously interested in owning something,” she added.

The HAG official warned that the authority can no longer “give free housing in Grenada because that’s not going to work.”

She told THE NEW TODAY that she personally visited the Chinese Housing complex at Mt Gay and concluded that “it was the making of a good ghetto” like what is taking place at Telescope and mentioned that someone had even opened a garage on the compound.

She called on Grenadians in the low-income category to demonstrate to the world that they have “enough pride to know that we cannot do what we are doing.”

“When do we fix that? When do we fix ourselves?”

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