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Grenlec is bringing engine from TNT to help the situation in Carriacou

The small Power Plant at Carriacou was affected by fire a few weeks ago

Grenlec is bringing in a 1.5 megawatts engine from neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago to help adequately meet the electricity needs on the sister isle of Carriacou.

A company official told THE NEW TODAY that the plan is to rent the generator from Port-of-Spain and is confident that this engine could handle the load that is needed on the small island that is administered from Mainland Grenada.

“If it’s really at top peak demand it might not be able – we might have to have a next one but if it is just high demand but not peak that should be able to make it,” said the official about the engine that will soon arrive in the country.

In late April, Carriacou was affected by a total black-out of electricity following a fire at the plant at Beausejour which damaged two of the four engines.

The Grenlec official said that the two engines that were damaged in the fire would be looked at very soon by the manufacturer who will determine if they can be brought back into operation.

“….The Engine Manufacturer is supposed to look at them and make a determination as to whether or not they can be repaired,” he said.

“One is definitely worse than the other. As to whether or not both are repairable or we have to replace them totally that is to be determined,” he added.

According to the senior Grenlec official, the technical people from the manufacturer were expected in Carriacou this week to do the assessment.

He also brushed aside reports circulating in some quarters on the island that the fire at the small power plant was due to sabotage.

He said that there is no indication at this stage to suggest that it was arson but the investigation is leaning in the direction of “some laxed operation” by those on duty at the power plant.

“There is nothing conclusive as yet as the reports have not been finalised as far as I am aware. We are supposed to have an independent investigation take place as well,” he added.

The official stated that he would prefer to wait until the independent investigation is completed to give some precise details rather than the internal one that was done by Grenlec.

“There isn’t any indication so far in terms of what has been said to me that it is arson that might have led to that fire – people might not have been as vigilant as they ought to have been,” he said.

According to the official, he is doubtful that anyone on the sister isle will accept money to set the power plant on fire.

“You could never swear for people if enough money is offered but something like that (arson) a Carriacouan would be very reluctant to do.”

“This fire was serious. This fire could have burnt down the entire power station which would have meant that Carriacouans not having power for some time.”

“I would hate to believe – I don’t think that Carriacouans will think that way in terms of everybody is going to be out of power.”

There have been reports circulating about some people trying to link the recent shooting of the former party Chairman of the main opposition New National Party (NNP) with the Grenlec power plant fire.

One person who contacted THE NEW TODAY alleged that the deceased had promised the assassin a certain amount of money to set fire to the plant to embarrass the new Congress rulers.

He said the “talk on the ground is that “the Money” is payment for lighting the Grenlec facility but the promised money was not forthcoming.”

“….The shooter told the guy before shooting him that he wanted his money,” he remarked.

Inside the underworld of crime, the report is that the shooting is linked to a drug deal that went sour with the shooter not getting a quantity of drugs that he had given money to the deceased to bring up from Trinidad & Tobago.

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