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Grenadian in Brooklyn kills girlfriend then shoots himself to death

Tanezia Blockwood (l) was shot twice (Photo Credit:Tanezia Blockwood/Facebook); Teddy Knight (r) shot his girlfriend and then killed himself (Photo Credit:Teddy Knight/Facebook)

A Grenadian who migrated to the United States at a young age has shot his girlfriend and children mother to death in Brooklyn and then turned the gun on himself to commit suicide.

His name has been given as 35-year old Teddy Knight whose family members came from Mamma Cannes in St Andrew’s but moved down to an area known as The Cliff in the Woodlands/Woburn area to live before he went to the United States to meet up with his mother.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Knight was always a troubled child and often ran into trouble with his grandmother before travelling to New York.

“…When he was living with Montel who was his grandmother … she couldn’t put down she purse, he used to steal wind,” said a Grenadian living in Brooklyn who is close to the family.

A report in THE NEW YORK POST said that Knight committed the act of murder and suicide Monday following an argument with the girlfriend over money and their kids.

His mother who witnessed the episode indicated that there was a long-running tension between Knight and Tanezia Blockwood, 29, and it turned deadly when he pulled out a gun inside the couple’s Midwood apartment.

“He went somewhere in the cupboard and I saw he took out a gun and he started shooting her,” said Norma, 65, who shares the Avenue I and Ocean Avenue apartment with the couple.

“He gave her two bullets and she fell on the floor and then he stomped her in her face,” she added.

Knight then shot himself in plain view of his shocked mom.

Responding cops found the two lifeless bodies, both with gunshot wounds to the head, around 10:10 a.m. near a kitchen, authorities said.

The couple’s final argument began overnight, keeping Norma awake, she said.

“Last night I was in my bed and I was not sleeping and I heard them making noise in the side bedroom, which is their bedroom,” Norma said. “I never got up to see what happened.”

“Then this morning I got up and I heard them making noise,” she added. “And when I got out from the bedroom, I see she’s pushing clothes inside a laundry bag.”

“[Then the] two of them start cussing and fighting and end up in the bathroom.”

They kept fighting until her son left and returned with the gun, she said.

The couple had long been dealing with personal struggles before their violent end, Norma Knight told The Post.

“They had a problem for a long time over the children and the rent and money and everything,” she said. “It boiled over.”

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