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Grenada retracts ban on g-strings, thongs and wired bras

Organisers of Carnival in Grenada had earlier taken the decision to ban all G-strings and thongs however, Spicemas Corporation has since retracted their earlier statement and opened up the celebrations to its usual relatively unrestricted free-fun and frollick according to Loop TT.

The earlier decision had even banned women with a breast size above D-cups from wearing wired bras.

Kelvin Jacob the CEO of Spicemas Corporations had issued this statement as justification for the ban: “Understanding that we are living in a Christian society, our morals and values must be upheld”.

Additionally, a Spicemas release had stated “…Bands of individuals found engaging in these activities will be escorted off the Parade route and fined”.

However, the board of directors issued a statement saying they reviewed the rules and regulations and made amendments which now say that there will be no full body paint and zero-tolerance for nudity and indecent exposure.

The statement comes on the heels of outrage on social media directed at Spicemas Corporations.

Calls for cancellation over the event amidst accusations of hypocrisy abounded.

In response, Spicemas chose to rescind some of their earlier prohibitions.

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