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Gravel & Concrete Manager denies being forced out

The Mon Rush head office of Gravel & Concrete which is currently beset by deep internal issues

Canadian-based Grenadian Sean Joseph who quit the job Tuesday after two months as Manager of the state-owned Gravel & Concrete Corporation has denied that he was forced out of the job but left on his own after concluding that it was difficult to change the culture that existed in the company.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Friday, Joseph charged that there is a culture of wrongdoing at the enterprise and the staffers are resisting his attempts to make fundamental changes at the business.

He spoke of the existence of corruption in which Gravel & Concrete was paying for the cellphone service of workers who were no longer working there.

“There were dead people on the list who we were paying the phone for. There were people who had retired and we were paying phone for. So you had more than half the people in Gravel & Concrete with phones that the company was just paying for.”

According to Joseph, he and a senior member of the staff “went through the list as to who should have a phone and who shouldn’t have phone.”

The resigned manager charged that a lot of people at Gravel & Concrete are benefitting from the haphazard way things are being done at the company at the moment and are resisting change.

“There are a lot of people who have benefitted and continue to benefit from the looseness of the corporation and they want to keep the status quo as is. So you are fighting against a culture of everybody doing what they want,” he said.

Joseph dropped hints that the Board of Directors, headed by Congress Chairman Sylvester Quarless, was not serious about discussing systems and procedures to be put in place to improve Gravel & Concrete.

He said that there is nothing in terms of policy at Gravel & Concrete and he realised after taking up the job that “you need to start from scratch to build the foundation of that entity.”

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“They don’t have an operational policy – they don’t have anything so you have to start from scratch to build up that thing,” he quipped.

Joseph, who said he was a cousin of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, pointed out that he had put a number of issues on the agenda for discussion but the Board was not looking at them.

“They weren’t looking at the issues so I realised that it was a waste of my time. I left a job up there (Canada) paying me 4 times this money here to come here to help,” he remarked.

Joseph is living in the Westerhall area in the St David constituency and is known to have a block of apartments for rental.

On the issue of the national footballer and plans to withdraw some of the holiday due to him, the ex-Manager at Gravel & Concrete said he had nothing to do with it.

However, Joseph said he is aware that what the corporation was saying to the individual “is that they are willing to give him the time off to play but he wants each and every little practice he does, he wants time off from the company to do it.”

He said the Human Relations Manager was telling the footballer that “it is a give and take when it comes to this regular practice.”

THE NEW TODAY was told that Joseph submitted his resignation letter to Board Chairman Quarless earlier in the week and up to now it has not been acknowledged.

Speculation is rife that Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell who has taken over as the Line Minister for Gravel & Concrete in his new capacity as Minister of Infrastructure and Physical Development is thinking of making a few changes in the composition of the Board of Directors.

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