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Gouyave gunman remanded to prison

Johnathan “Not Nice” Richards – made his first appearance Tuesday at the Gouyave Magistrate’s Court

The gunman who fired off a bullet that struck a primary school student last weekend in St. John has been remanded to the Richmond Hill prison.

26-year-old Johnathan Richards, who is facing two (2) attempted Non-Capital Murder charges, and charges of Possession of Firearm and Ammunition in connection with the early morning shooting of an 11-year-old boy appeared Tuesday before Magistrate Francine Foster.

The Gouyave resident, who goes by the alias “Not Nice,” has retained the services of Attorney-at-Law Arley Gill, who opted not to apply for bail on the occasion of the first court appearance of his client.

“Your Honour, can we get a date,” said the attorney, who also requested for standard disclosure of the Prosecution’s case against “Not Nice”.

The suspect was detained Saturday night at a house on the Lance in Gouyave, during a massive manhunt mounted by police, who had earlier issued a wanted man bulletin in his name.

The victim, who attends the St. John’s R.C. School, and is described as a good athlete, was rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital, after he was shot in the shoulder by a stray bullet, during an alleged altercation between Richards, and another man on the Lance.

The bullet is said to have exited the body of the youngster, who was treated for the gunshot wound, and discharged from the hospital.

Richards reportedly fired the gun twice, the first shot in the air as the man with whom he had the altercation tried to flee from the scene, and the second, in his direction as he ran towards a residential area, penetrating the wooden house where the 11-year-old lives with his mother.

The gunman is considered as “a troublemaker” and is believed to be running an unlicensed bar in the notorious ‘Gun Battle’ section of Gouyave.

The shooting incident was reportedly sparked by a conflict between a brother of a young woman who was in an argument with “Not Nice” after she intervened to defend another person who was being hassled by the gunman.

This is the second shooting incident linked to “Not Nice” as some time ago a man was shot in Gun Battle in which he was considered a suspect but immediately went into hiding.

THE NEW TODAY understands that he retained an attorney-at-law and turned himself into Gouyave police.

A relative also reported that the Gouyave shooter is no stranger to law enforcement officers and had been picked up by police in the past in connection with illegal gun possession.

“Not Nice has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison until May 11.

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