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Gay man afraid for his life

An openly gay man whose sex tape was leaked recently says he fears for his safety after receiving scores of death threats and hostility from the public.

“I am really fearful,” Kemon Herry told THE NEW TODAY in an exclusive interview.

“An enraged young man came to my home asking for me and he was acting in a very hostile manner,” said the former school teacher and aspiring singer.

Herry disclosed that his social media inbox has been flooded with death threats and insults such as “Your days are numbered”, “Gunshot for you” among other homophobic language.

The police are currently investigating the leaking of the video which Herry admitted filming but said he did not leak.

He has strong suspicions about who got access to it and sent it out via social media.

Sharing of the video is illegal under Grenada’s Electronic Crimes Act.

The former national athlete said since the video was put on social media, he has suffered a great deal of discomfort.

“I don’t think I can live here comfortably anymore,” he said.

“We live in a very homophobic society and some people may show you a good face but deep down they hate it,” he added.

According to Herry, several family members, particularly brothers and uncles have turned against him and he is even afraid to use public transportation over fears that people would recognise him and make negative comments to his face.

Soon after the video began circulating, Herry appeared on a social media live broadcast to apologise for the video and to appeal to the public to stop the verbal attacks against him.

Grenada still has laws against buggery and unnatural acts laws in the Criminal Code.

However, law enforcement officials on the island have said they will not investigate or press charges in the matter because that could be ruled as a violation of the individuals Constitutional Rights.

Herry can seek asylum in a country where LGBT immigration policies are favourable and where Gay Rights are acknowledged.

Among such countries are France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada.

The local LGBT advocacy group known as Grenchap is involved in a legal challenge of the anti-gay laws in Grenada.

The action is a joint one between the LGBT rights advocates in the Eastern Caribbean.

Every State within the OECS grouping has some variation of anti-gay laws within their criminal codes.

When the case eventually makes its way before the Supreme Court, if it is successfully struck down it will be considered a major victory for the region’s LGBT community and can clear the way for advocates to pursue civil union rights for same-sex couples.

One member of the local community, commenting on the issue said, “I used to think that quiet pressure would change things but I am now convinced that this battle will only be won in the Courts.”

Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Nelson, who opted not to press charges for the sex acts involving Herry, said it was between two consenting adults and given the advancement of Gay Rights the laws are now obsolete and unconstitutional.

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