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G.U.T. Credit Union donates computer to the Community Policing Department

ASP Byron Clyne and Inspector Dianne Dumont

The G.U.T. Credit Union (GUTCU) has donated a much-needed computer for use within the Logistic/Community Policing Department of the Central Division of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The Department is responsible for bridging the gap between the public and police and is in charge of many community matters including domestic violence, child abuse and missing persons.

“We want to thank the credit union for this donation and will use it for our community policing initiative to make processing more efficient,” said Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Byron Clyne.

“We are very happy to be contributing to the Royal Grenada Police Force and in a small way, we know that we will be helping to improve the safety and protection of all our citizens,” noted GUTCU’s General Manager, Retesha Boyd.

“We appreciate the tremendous work you do, especially at a time like this. Ever since the former Police Credit Union amalgamated with the GUTCU, we have had a special bond with the Force. We are one family and the GUTCU is pleased to support the RGPF where it can.”

The G.U.T. Credit Union continues to practice the worldwide credit union philosophy of ‘people helping people’ and throughout the pandemic has been supporting its members in need through deferral of loan payments and grocery donations to those most affected.

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