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Former MP and sister endorse Dickon Mitchell

NDC leader Dickon Mitchell in the company of former government minister Cuthbert Mc Queen (l); Former Senator Yolanda McQueen (r) – gave stamp of approval to Dickon Mitchell going into the election

Thank you very much for helping Grenada – we needed somebody like you.

This statement was made Sunday night by former government minister with the ruling New National Party (NNP), Cuthbert McQueen, who has come out publicly to give support to the Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dickon Mitchell to try and unseat the incumbent Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Mc Queen who had faded away from the political limelight for nearly 20 years made a surprise appearance at a Town Hall meeting at La Tante in St David to mark the opening of the Congress sub-office in the constituency.

The former Cabinet Minister won the rural St Andrew South-east seat on the NNP ticket in the 1999 general election, but lost it four years later to former-policeman Kenrick Fullerton of Congress.

Mc Queen said that he is confident that former Congress Prime Ministers, the late Sir Nicholas Brathwaite and George Brizan “will be smiling in their graves” to see that the party is now being led by the 44-year old attorney-at-law, a virtual newcomer to frontline politics.

“What I want to do is to congratulate you. Not too long ago I thought who is going to propel this country – we couldn’t see anybody whatsoever,” he said.

“And you didn’t have to do that for the Grenadian people – you didn’t have to do it – you could have just continued in your (legal) practice but that’s what patriots are made of. Your call was not by chance. I think God called you for us,” he added.

McQueen told Dickon Mitchell that he can depend on his help in the upcoming general election set for June 23.

He also reminded the gathering at the Town Hall meeting that he once held membership in NDC.

Mc Queen was considered as the overwhelming favourite to get the nod from Congress to contest the St Andrew South-east seat for NDC in 1995 but internal wrangling in the party, with the eventual winner Norton Noel, resulted in him backing away.

The sister of the former Parliamentarian, Yolanda Mc Queen, who operates Mount Pure Mineral Water Company, also endorsed Dickon Mitchell in his ambition to become the next Prime Minister of the country.

The businesswoman, a former Opposition Senator prior to this week’s dissolution of Parliament, spoke of being impressed with Dickon Mitchell after meeting with him.

Mc Queen said that he seemed to have good ideas to take the country forward and should be given an opportunity.

“Let us give him a chance. Let us give him an opportunity. Let us give him a chance, let us see what he is willing to do,” she added.

According to the former-female parliamentarian, since returning to the island from England to start her own water business, she detected that Grenadians want to work and made mention of the amount of bottles that she produces for small entrepreneurs on the island to sell coconut water.

“…The Grenadian people want to work, they want a job but there is no opportunity,” she said.

She felt that if Dickon Mitchell stands and works with the people then things can happen in Grenada.

“If Mr. Dickon can get the young people off the ground and working, I will be there. We could do it – give him a chance. Let us give him a chance – we have nothing to lose,” she said.

McQueen indicated that she is prepared to hold Dickon Mitchell to his commitment to provide greater opportunities for the people than the incumbent.

Dickon Mitchell will be contesting the St David seat against the incumbent, Foreign Affairs Minister Oliver Joseph.

During the 2022 election campaign, there have been a few notable switching of allegiances from persons between the two main political parties.

Two weeks ago, former NDC candidate for St George North-west Allie Dowden appeared on the NNP platform in St George North-east to give support to Nimrod Ollivierre the candidate of the ruling party, against his former colleague Ron Redhead.

The NNP is also making serious efforts to lure Opposition Leader Tobias Clement to return to the party.

Prime Minister Mitchell made a pitch for Clement on Wednesday night in Mt Moritz at his official launch as the candidate for St. George North-west, when he appealed directly to the Opposition Leader to “return home”.

Clement resigned from the NNP just over two years ago when he cited differences between himself and the Prime Minister, especially the decision taken to remove the vote of parliamentarians from the Budget from Parliament and put it under the Office of the Prime Minister.

At the last sitting of the Lower House before Parliament was dissolved on Monday, Clement dropped hints that he does not intend to return to the ruling party when he told the sitting that “The House” is very dirty and needed to be cleaned out.

THE NEW TODAY was told that two significant figures in NNP have been making desperate calls to the Opposition Leader in the past two days to try and entice him to join the NNP platform for the election.

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