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Flow promises faster Internet Service for Customers

Country Manager for FLOW, James Pitt and Commercial Manager, Lincoln Baptiste at press conference

Under mounting public criticisms for its poor internet service, telecommunications giant, Flow has responded by announcing that it has just spent $15 million  to upgrade the system to provide faster internet for its customers.

Country Manager, James Pitt and Commercial Manager of Flow, Lincoln Baptiste met with reporters at the Venus Restaurant & Lounge Conference Room on Wall Street in Grand Anse to brief them on the move.

According to Pitt, Flow has an unwavering “commitment” to always

provide the best possible platform for customers and recognizes that the benefits of broadband penetration and reliability especially in developing countries are already well documented.

“Telecommunications is a tremendous enabler to many of the technological advancements that we enjoy, that create meaningful moments in our lives. These advancements include changes in our commerce, family sharing moments, entertainment, health care etc,” he said.

“…We have listened to our customers and their demands for faster

internet access. Today, we announce another step in delivering on our

promises to you our customers, in being always connected to the best network. Our teams have been working all over Grenada, upgrading and expanding our network,” he added.

Baptiste told reporters that the company’s broadband speed has been moved from 15 megabits to 50 megabits per second, which puts Grenada on par with many developing nations.

“All of our customers who are on the HFC internet –they have the white boxes, some of you have the black boxes – are getting turned up today for free. We are moving – our base package on our HFC internet is 15 Megs – that is what it is today. We have moved everyone in Grenada who is on the 15 meg package…from 15 to 50 for free…we are giving this to all of our Flow customers…”, he said.

“…Our customers have complained in the past that our internet speeds were slow in some areas. We invested as the Country Manager said over $15 million in infrastructure to make sure that you are not seeing this problem and then in doing that, we realised that we can now actually make the speeds faster. So, we are now giving it to you, and delivered it to you at no extra cost…this is part of our promise and we will continue to deliver our promise,” he added.

Baptiste announced that existing customers will not be required to pay extra for the upgrade but new customers who are just joining the network will be required to pay more for the service.

He went on: “On the 15 Megs internet that our HFC customers are currently on, that same video would take about 40 seconds (to download). What we are giving you today – 50 Megs – is four times the speed in download. So, that means, you’re talking about around 10 seconds to download something that would have taken you 40 seconds yesterday and again there is no extra cost to you and this is to our Flow customers.

“…We’ve also said … maybe they have a lot of Flow customers who are interested in going out now and making sure they are on our HFC network – you will be able to get it for a short period of time – you will be able to get on and be a Flow customer at the same price that everybody else is getting right now and get the same 50 megs,” he said.

Baptiste also addressed those customers of the company who are currently using the Lime internet technology with its “old infrastructure” who have been left out of the upgrade.

He said that these people will be given a chance to upgrade through free installation, which will come at a $20 difference on their bills.

Flow is also said to be working on plans and packages to deliver speeds of up to 300 megabits per second for existing customers.

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