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Fingers pointed at MoneyGram again

Cassandra Mitchell – not happy with explanation from MoneyGram

A second Grenadian female youth activist has raised concerns about interference with monies sent to her from abroad through MoneyGram.

Cassandra Mitchell, one of the driving forces behind the recently launched Grenada United Movement (GUM), told THE NEW TODAY that less than US$150.00 sent to her from a source in the United States was blocked by MoneyGram.

According to Mitchell, she believes that she is being targeted due to her recent activities on the island in highlighting a number of issues that might not be pleasing to the authorities in Grenada.

She said that the local agent of MoneyGram could not give her any reason as to why the money did not come through the system for her to get it.

“When I went there (local office) and I couldn’t collect the money, I kept asking why, I was told to have the sender call the location in New York. The local representative didn’t give me any reason as to why I couldn’t get the money.

The young activist relayed that the sender of the funds contacted MoneyGram directly and was told initially that the transaction could not be found.

“When we started delving into why I couldn’t get the money, he (the sender) was told they couldn’t find the transaction. I went on-line and I couldn’t find records of it either. You can track your transaction with MoneyGram and I couldn’t find it,” she said.

The female activist has reasons to believe that the local Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), headed by Superintendent of Police, Tafawa Pierre might have a hand in blocking the money that was sent to her from the United States.

She recalled an incident just over two months ago when one of her colleagues in GUM, Michelle Alexander was blocked from receiving a sum of  money sent to her to help organise a protest march on the Coronavirus Protection bill to be taken to Parliament by the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) Administration.

The FIU has often been used in the past by Prime Minister Mitchell in matters against some of his political opponents.

Last month, THE NEW TODAY carried a report which identified the FIU and Supt. Pierre of  engaging in a clandestine investigation in a matter involving the son of a prominent figure in the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to Mitchell, she intends to get to the bottom of the MoneyGram issue and will not allow it to die a natural death.

She said: “Somebody will have to give me some explanation – this thing ain’t going to die like in the case of Michelle (Alexander). I am not a criminal, I have read the Proceeds of Crime act and I know that the FIU can intervene in cases where the sum is $10, 000.00 and above or where the individual is suspected to be involved in organised crime or whatever.

“So if it (instructions to block the transaction) didn’t come from the FIU and FIU cannot provide me proof that I am involved in crime or that they suspect me to be involved in crime, I am going to take this to the highest level and I am very serious,” she added.

Mitchell confirmed to THE NEW TODAY that she contacted a senior police officer on the issue and he indicated that he knew nothing about the matter.

“This is ridiculous – as soon as you voice concerns about national issues, you’re attacked,” she remarked.

Mitchell disclosed that she has since sent off correspondence to MoneyGram in the United States to get an explanation from them on the reasons why the financial transaction did not reach her.

“I have used MoneyGram for years – I’ve never had any issues,” she said.

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