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Escaped prisoners “confessed” in St Vincent to killing American yacht owners

Ron Mitchell (L) – managed to escape from the South St George Police Station; Atiba Stanislaus (M) – is now one of the three being investigated for murder; Trevon Robertson (R) – the Paradise resident who is now back in custody

Grenada is preparing to send a team of officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to St Vincent & The Grenadines as part of a murder investigation into the deaths of two U.S nationals who are boat owners.

The Royal Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) has officially informed its counterpart in Grenada that it captured the three escaped prisoners from the Spice Isle – 30-year old Ron Mitchell, Trevon Robertson, 25 and Atiba Stanislaus whose age was given as 23 – in the neighbouring island.

All three who are from the village of Paradise in St Andrew were in police custody in South St George Police station on charges of Rape, Robbery with Violence and other serious offences, and managed to escape and flee the island.

The suspects were apprehended in St Vincent on Wednesday and upon interrogation allegedly “confessed” to killing the two U.S citizens during the escape.

According to a well-placed source, on illegally forcing their way out of the cell at South St George Police station, the St Andrew men moved into Mount Pandy Beach, located at the back of Butler House in Belmont, which once served as the office of executed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and forced their way onto the yacht operated by the Americans.

He told THE NEW TODAY that the suspects ordered the yachties to take the boat to St Vincent but on their way allegedly killed them in the vicinity of Petite Martinique and threw their bodies into the sea.

A report in a Vincentian publication made mention of the incident involving the U.S citizens in which it said that the vessel was discovered with blood stains.

The bulletin said: “Police are investigating the discovery of a yacht in Walliabou with blood stains.

According to reports, the yacht, which is owned by Americans, was discovered in Walliabou on Tuesday. There was no one on board at the time of discovery.

The yacht named ‘Simplicity ‘had two persons on board while in Grenada, the last port of entry.

On Wednesday evening, the local police apprehended three Grenadians who escaped police custody on the weekend.”

The three Grenada prisoners were caught in St Vincent on Wednesday afternoon after the police there were tipped off by villagers about the strange men in the area.

Mitchell, Robertson, and Stanislaus were caught in a house close to the Beach in Petit Bordel.

THE NEW TODAY understands that they were expected to appear in a Vincentian court Thursday to face possible charges of illegal entry into the country before their deportation.

According to an informed source, the CID officers are going to St Vincent to seek the co-operation of their counterparts in helping to lay the groundwork for possible charges of murder against the suspects.

He said the local officers will be interested in getting “any confession statements” made by the Grenadians in connection with the deaths of the U.S citizens.

He pointed out that this is vital because the suspects can later plead in a court of law if charged for murder in Grenada that they do not know anything about the killings.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the prisoners took advantage of problems with a door at South St George Police Station that is not able to properly lock, to free themselves out of the cell.

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An informed source said: “Apparently the cell door is not so good. If the door is not closed properly they (the prisoners) could open one – they pull down a bolt and then they could easily get out. They climbing up and they coming over the roof where the female quarters are and then they could get away.”

The escaped prisoners can then easily move to the Grand Anse beach area, less than 50 metres away and move on foot along the shoreline and within 10-15 minutes could reach Pandy Beach.

Meanwhile, RGPF had scheduled a press conference on Thursday to update the nation on the situation with the three Escaped Prisoners.

The press briefing was eventually cancelled and the police issued the following release:- The press briefing was eventually cancelled and the police issued the following release:-

“The Royal Grenada Police Force wishes to inform the public that in December of 2023, we experienced some challenges in the general areas of Grand Anse Beach. As a result of the dedication and commitment of the members of the force, the following three suspects were arrested:

  1. Ron Mitchell, 30 years, Sailor of Paradise, St Andrew.
  2. Trevon Robertson, 19 years, Unemployed of Paradise, St. Andrew.
  3. Abita Stanislaus, 25 years, Farmer also of Paradise St. Andrew.

These men were charged jointly with one count of Robbery with Violence.

Additionally, Ron Mitchell was charged separately with one count of Rape, three counts of Attempted Rape, two counts of Indecent Assault, and Causing Harm.

All three men were kept in the holding cell at the South St George Police Station and escaped lawful custody, on Sunday, the 18th of February 2024.

However, collaboration with our regional counterparts in St Vincent and the Grenadines have led to the recapture of these men by the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force yesterday, Wednesday 21st February 2024.

Preliminary information emanating from investigators in St Vincent suggests that the three men made their way to St Vincent via a yacht which was docked in the St. George area.

The RGPF is currently working on leads that suggest that the two occupants of the yacht may have been killed in the process. It is believed that the occupants of the yacht were American citizens.

This investigation is in its infancy stage and the RGPF have dispatched a team of senior investigators and a forensic specialist to St. Vincent in furtherance of this investigation.

Commissioner Don Mc Kenzie has ordered an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the escaped prisoners.

In another incident, an intense operation was mounted to recapture another fugitive who has escaped while attending the Grenville Magistrate Court on Wednesday February 21, 2024.

Levon Date, who was charged for the killing of Canadian citizen Wayne Smart in 2023 has escaped from lawful custody and is currently on the run.

The RGPF is seeking the general public assistance in recapturing Mr. Date, and thanks the public for their continued assistance in the process.”

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