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Employee steals $50, 000.00 from Kalico

Kalico Shopping Center – one of the businesses run by the former MP for St Patrick West

A female employee of Kalico Shopping Centre in Sauteurs has been placed on suspension amidst investigation into approximately EC$50, 000.00 that went missing from the company over a 6-month period.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY that the suspect has “confessed” to stealing the money but is pleading with Management not to get the police involved in the matter.

“At the moment she is pleading (with us) not to go to the police and she wants to settle out of court – she doesn’t want the matter to go to court,” said a senior member of the management team.

‘She wants to settle out of court but she doesn’t have the money. She wants to do a monthly payment,” he added.

This newspaper was unable to reach the owner of the business, former government minister Kenny Lalsingh by telephone for comment on the issue.

However, the source said that he had been in frequent conversation with Lalsingh who told him, “we are considering it (the proposal) and maybe in the next few days I will make a decision”.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the boyfriend of the suspect also works at the business as a Supervisor and is also being investigated as an alleged accomplice.

According to the source, management took the decision to suspend both of them this week from work without pay.

“We are investigating it – we haven’t gone to the police yet,” he said.

Asked whether the police will eventually be called in to assist with the investigation into the missing money, he said: “Maybe, maybe no – am not sure yet”.

On the question of whether an accountant or someone with financial expertise is assisting Kalico with the matter, he said: “Not really – we could handle our stuff internally”.

The senior member of the management team indicated that this is not the first time that Kalico has lost money through theft by employees and that this is now becoming a common thing on the island among various business places.

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