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Emmalin Pierre looking for work in Dominica

Emmalin Pierre – the former Minister of Education

Former Education Minister Emmalin Pierre is discussing a high-paying job opportunity in Dominica.

An informed source told THE NEW TODAY that the opposition Member of Parliament for the rural St Andrew South-east constituency is engaged in discussions with the Education Minister of Dominica Octavia Alfred on taking up a job in her ministry most likely on contract.

“There seems to be something in the making with her,” said the source who did not want to be identified.

According to the source, Dominica seems to be lagging behind in the implementation of some key OECS Education programmes and as Grenada was ahead under ex-Minister Pierre, it was felt that she should be recruited to help get the projects on stream.

She said that the Dominica Minister of Education has seemingly convinced her Prime Minister Roosvelt Skerrit to look to Grenada’s Pierre to assist them on the issue.

“Grenada has taken full advantage of the projects and she (Emmalin Pierre) knows what to do to get them up and running,” she added.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosvelt Skerrit has already given his “blessings” to Pierre getting the job in his country.

The source could not shed any light on whether the Dominica job might affect Pierre’s standing in Parliament as the elected representative of her constituency.

Under Grenada’s parliamentary system, a member of the Lower House can lose the seat after missing three consecutive sittings of Parliament.

MP Pierre is known to be on the hunt for job opportunities since the defeat of the New National Party (NNP) by Congress in the June 2022 general election and travelled to Anguilla some months ago to fulfill an assignment with the government there.

Another NNP candidate at the polls, former Youth Minister Kate Lewis is now teaching at a private secondary school in St George.

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