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Eleven days in quarantine without getting test results

Captain Harris Suite - situated in the south of the island

A native of Carriacou has lashed out at what he called “the stupidness” taking place with the quarantine system put in place by the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government to combat the threat of Covid-19 on the island.

The local who lives in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States came into Grenada on December 17 and up to eleven days later cannot get the results of his PCR test for the virus to release him from his place of quarantine at Captain Harris Apts at Grand Anse.

According to the individual, a female employee of the Ministry of Health informed him that permission was being given for him to leave the hotel and go into the local community but that he should engage in self-quarantine.

He called THE NEW TODAY and made the following remarks about his plight since he had run out of money to sustain himself at the small hotel:

“ I just gathered some information from the Management of Captain Harris from the person who I spoke to – an individual on his phone from the Health Department which is releasing me on home quarantine because they have not received my results yet as of eleven days until my results are found.

Captain Harris came up here, he knocked on my door while I was trying to get through to you (NEW TODAY) and there was a woman on the phone from the Health Ministry Department and she was talking to me to let me know.

She just apologised and saying I am sorry and whatever else…my results have not come back yet but they have a solution for me… let me out into the community so I can Home Quarantine.

So I said to her – can I leave today or could I leave tomorrow, she said – whichever way you want to you can. If I want to leave now, I can leave now but I have to go to somebody’s home and self-quarantine.

I came into Grenada on December 17 and I received my check on December 21 which is last Monday and as of today what they are telling me on the telephone just now is that they have not received my results as yet but they can release me into the community on Home confinement.

My home is in Carriacou so I have to find someone where I can go and stay but of course I don’t want to put anybody else in jeopardy. So my decision is to stay with Captain Harris until tomorrow morning and then I can go up with the boat.

What I am saying is that if my results have not come back in eleven days, don’t you think that should raise a red light to say Mr. (name withheld) has been there for eleven days – what’s going on with his results?

If I was put in a bunch or batch to be tested and someone has tested positive then you have to come back and test everyone here individually again but none of that has been happening.

All I can see is people who come 3, 4 days and even this morning have gone – they have gone. That is ridiculous and disappointing.

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I keep asking if the people who were tested with me (are) they here or have gone but they keep saying to me that they are here but I cannot tell.

The people who came in on the 17th, their names are still on a piece of paper downstairs but I am not too sure if they are here or have gone because people who came in on the 19th, 20th and 21st – they are gone. There are people who came in on Saturday and have left.

The one girl that was next to me – came in on Saturday – she got released yesterday but she said she has to catch a flight back to New York today and she got released yesterday afternoon. She didn’t get to even see her family even from a distance.

The good news is that I can leave today and go to one of my family house and Home Quarantine or I can stay here and quarantine and leave in the morning.

My wife and my kids are here. I came to spend Christmas and I came to attend a funeral on Monday morning and I hope that at least I can make part of the funeral service. In fact I will have to miss it because I have to go home and quarantine.

Now if I was having symptoms of corona and you say you have not received my test in eleven days, I could have died in this hotel room and nobody knows… nobody came to check me. How efficient is that? Eleven days and I can’t get my results – that is totally ridiculous.

Even the 4 people who came with me, they are in the same boat because they are here too and they came on the 17th. Somebody just lost the results. It is either they lost the results or I don’t know what else it is.

All the people we have called and communicated with – even after seven days, they should have sent somebody back over here and retest us. They should have done something like that if they know they lost the results or if they know that something is wrong with the results or can’t find the results.

You can’t have people sitting in a hotel for eleven days – there is no facility here where you can buy food. If you don’t have family or friends who can bring you food, dog eat your supper.

Right now I don’t even have money in my pocket – eleven U.S dollars that I have in my pocket because I give to family and friends to go and bring food back to me. This is totally ridiculous.

It doesn’t make any sense for me to leave Captain Harris and go somewhere else until tomorrow morning. It won’t make any sense. I will move in the morning.

They don’t even know if the place where I will go is adequate for me to self-quarantine.

If I go self-quarantine at my house I have my two little children over there, I have my wife over there. I have my little niece and nephews there – that’s not Home Quarantine.

I have already quarantined. That is stupidness”.