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Electoral Office encourages the timely filing of claims & objections

Ferdinand Phillip - Voter and Civic Registration Officer within the Parliamentary Elections Office

With the release Monday of the Consolidated List of Electors as of December 31, 2021 for review and inspection, eligible voters are being reminded that they have until next week Monday (January 31) to file claims and objections with the registration officer within their constituency.

“If you notice (that) somebody is registered in a constituency where you are also registered, and you don’t believe that they belong (and) you are convinced that they live somewhere else then you can make a claim in writing, objecting to that person’s registration in the constituency office in writing to the registration officer of that constituency,” said the Voter and Civic Registration Officer within the Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO) Ferdinand Phillip, who issued the reminder via a telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday.

This, he explained is in keeping with the 7-day period that is stipulated in the Representative of the People’s Act CAP286A, which is the principal law that governs the functioning of the PEO.

“The same thing goes for claims. If you notice they probably didn’t put your name, spelled your name wrongly, or maybe they put you in the wrong polling division or some omission or error that you would have identified as it relates to you, you can make a claim, and of course, the same thing applies, you have 7 days until January 31, 2022, to make that claim in writing to the registration officer of that constituency,” the PEO official added.

Phillip, who encouraged persons to make their claims on time to provide for the registration officers to have sufficient time to investigate the matter, pointed out that “…if the registration officer is not satisfied that sufficient information is brought forward then they can request further information.”

He also noted that the process can be a “very lengthy” one as the “list of all of the objections must be kept at the office, the objected persons must be posted in that constituency, and it must remain up for a certain period.

“So, it can be a very lengthy process,” the PEO official said.

The electoral register is released to the public quarterly so that persons have an opportunity to verify the accuracy of their information.

The document, which is commonly referred to as the ‘Voters’ List,’ which can be found at every electoral office, health centers, community centers, post offices, some police stations, and well-known business places, comprises the names of 84, 152 registered voters.

Additionally, the senior PEO official used Tuesday’s interview to encourage persons to visit the PEO website –, where he noted that the electoral roll is also available for review and inspection.

“…All of the legislation that governs our function can also be found there. So, I want to encourage persons to visit our website…you can search the Voter’s’ List using name and surname, or using your registration number. You can also go onto documents, and under there get all of the various lists, the addendum, consolidated lists, CAP286A, and all of the subsequent amendments that govern how we function. So, we are encouraging persons to be proactive get involved,” said Phillip.

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