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Eight Lawyers admitted to the Grenada Bar

(From top left)  Attorney Damon Joseph, Attorney Akeyno Bartholomew, Attorney David Edmund,  Attorney Danyish Harford,  Attorney Jordan Marshall,  Attorney Shanice Lovell,  Attorney Thira Dumont,  Attorney Kadeem Strachan - admitted to the Grenada Bar

It is important in your practice that you always remember that the monies you receive on behalf of your client are not yours…to spend, borrow or keep. So, I urge you to take your judiciary role as an attorney-at-law seriously, especially your role regarding your clients’ account.

Those were the words of caution that came from female High Court Judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford as she welcomed eight (8) lawyers to practice at the Grenada Bar during a special virtual sitting of the High Court last week Tuesday.

The applicants included two (2) non-nationals – Shanice Lovell from Belize, whose admission was moved by Attorney Deloni Edwards, and Trinidadian David Edmund, who was presented by Attorney-at-law, Evette John.

The other applicants were locals Kadeem Strachan whose admission was moved by Attorney Dickon Mitchell, Jordan Marshall, whose admission was moved by Attorney Daniella Williams-Mitchell, Thira Dumont, who was presented by Winifred Duncan-Phillip, Danyish Harford, and Damon Joseph by Attorney Ruggles Ferguson, and Akeyno Bartholomew, whose admission was moved by Attorney Anande Trotman-Joseph.

Shortly after taking the oath, the lawyers thanked all who assisted them in their efforts to fulfill their dreams and pledged to uphold the high standard of the legal profession and stand on the side of justice for their clients in the interest of the country.

Madam Justice Gilford urged them to “represent their clients with the highest level of integrity and professionalism” and reminded them that their “words are their bond to the court, their colleagues and their clients.”

The female High Court judge urged the newly admitted lawyers to become familiar with the Legal Profession Act of Grenada and to make it become their “legal bible” in the practice of law as it contains the expressed ideals of the profession.

She urged them to pay close attention to Section 33, which governs the professional practice, Section 55, which governs accounts, and section 56, which outlines the consequences of failing to comply with the rules governing clients’ account.

Madam Justice Gilford told the newly installed lawyers that it is imperative that they exemplify the true characteristics of the noble legal profession, and to “always be ready to assist the unrepresented and voiceless.”

This, she explained is one of their “professional responsibilities,” adding that “such aid will assist in fulfilling their obligation to their community, and eliminate the perception that lawyers are dishonest, selfish and money-hungry.”

“Go spread your wings,” the female High Court Judge told the lawyers, while emphasising the need for them “to safeguard their credibility and maintain a high standard of competency.”

“Always remember your duty to the court, your client, colleagues and yourself,” Justice Gilford admonished them.

Noting that the world has become a virtual arena and that technology now plays an integral role in how the court functions, the female high court judge said it is imperative that they “familiarise themselves with the practice directions that focus on this aspect”.

Madam Justice Gilford was accompanied by her colleagues Madam Justice Victoria Charles-Clarke, along with Civil Judges, His Lordship Justice Raulston Glasgow and Madam Justice Agnes-Actie.

The auspicious occasion was also graced by the presence of well-wishers, family members and friends of the newly admitted attorneys.

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