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EC$1M cocaine bust involving Soubise men

(L-R) Codel Douglas, Lindon Francis, Rahim Francis and Rondel Rogers - the Soubise men charged with drug trafficking

Three fishermen from Soubise in St Andrew along with a Tobagonian have found themselves in trouble with law enforcement officers in Grenada in connection with Cocaine possession.

The suspect from Tobago has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison on a cocaine trafficking charge, and also on a charge for entering the country without the consent of an immigration officer, following a police operation in the Marquis, St. Andrew area last week Monday.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Codel Douglas, a contractor from Lambeau, Tobago, is among four (4) individuals who were nabbed following the discovery of nine (9)  kilogrammes of cocaine in the south eastern village of Marquis.

The three (3) local fishermen have been identified as Lindon Francis, Rahim Francis, and Rondel Rogers were apprehended by members of the Drug Squad unit within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), during the police operation, and slapped with individual charges for trafficking a controlled drug.

Douglas was sent off to prison last week Friday, when he appeared before a Special Sitting of the Grenville Magistrate’s Court, presided over by female Magistrate Nevlyn John.

However, the other drug-accused men appeared before another Special Sitting of the Court on Monday, where they were granted $125, 000.00 bail with special conditions, and two (2) sureties.

According to Woman Corporal of Police attached to the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Kaudina Douglas-Mc Lean, as part of their bail conditions, they were ordered to surrender all travel documents, and report to the Grenville Police Station once weekly.

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In an exclusive telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY on Monday, Cpl. Douglas-Mc Lean disclosed that police investigators were able to recover an additional kilogramme of cocaine, along with 16 pounds of marijuana during a further search of the area last week Saturday.

“On Saturday (September 11th), officers of the Drug Squad went back to the initial area where they got the first amount, and an additional search was conducted, and 16 pounds of ‘crippy’ canabis and an additional kilogramme of cocaine was discovered,” she said. According to the female police officer, the quantity of cocaine netted carries an estimated street value of “$1m,” while the 16 pounds of ‘crippy’ marijuana has an estimated value of EC$80, 000.00.”

Cpl. Douglas-Mc Lean stated that “a fishing vessel that was reportedly involved in the entire ordeal was seized, and taken to the Coast Guard base.”

The four (4) drug-accused men are scheduled to reappear before Magistrate Nevlyn John at the Grenville Magistrate’s Court on September 20.

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