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EC$10, 000 fine imposed on Insp. Clev Antoine

Clev Antoine – has quit as a member of RGPF

The sitting Magistrate at the St. George’s No. 2 Court, Tahira Gellineau has imposed a fine of EC$10, 000.00 on ex-Inspector of Police Clevroy Antoine in connection with an Indecent Assault case.

The Magistrate delivered her ruling Tuesday in the case that dates back to 2017 against the middle rank policeman who was suspended from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

Antoine was facing two (2) counts of Indecent Assault in connection with an incident involving Grenadian-born Canadian citizen, Eleanor Peterkin-Walters who was vacationing on the island.

Peterkin-Walters had filed the complaint against the accused following an encounter with him at the South St. George Police Station.

She told police investigators that Insp. Antoine sexually assaulted her when she visited the Police Station to file a child abuse complaint against someone.

In her official statement to the police, Peterkin-Walters said: “…On Wednesday 16.08.17 about 09:30 hrs she came to the station to make a report on a young lady (name withheld) about a (suspected) child abuse when she was directed to Insp. Antoine and while in his office he held her in his arms and assisted her to a standing position, stuck his tongue in her mouth, took his left hand, placed it on his private part and said, “you look like you have a lot of romance, I need some of your saliva.”

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Insp. Antoine had retained the services of Dr. Francis Alexis, KC and attorney-at-law Ruggles Ferguson, KC of Ciboney Chambers.

The convicted police officer was employed with RGPF for more than 30 years but has reportedly since retired as a member of the force.

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