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Denial from Silversands

The upscale Silversands hotel located in the south of the island around the Grand Anse beach

Grenada’s newest resort, The Silversands has denied reports in circulation in some quarters that the hotel has implemented a policy that employees who did not take the Covid-19 vaccine will no longer be allowed to work there.

“That’s not true – that’s not our position,” said an employee in the Human Resources department of the hotel.

The denial came on the heels of strong hints from Health Minister Nickolas Steele that vaccination for the deadly Covid-19 virus might become necessary for frontline workers including those in the tourism hospitality sector.

Grenada has so far used the India-manufactured Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on over 9000 persons living on the island.

According to the senior employee, there is no policy on this issue of mandatory vaccination at the resort which is owned by Egyptian billionaire investor, Naguib Sawiris.

“There is nothing in law or anything that says vaccination is mandatory for anyone,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

The employee indicated that Silversands understands fully that it does not have the right “to put something in policy that defies the law”.

He insisted that Silversands has never told any employee that vaccination is mandatory to work at the resort.

“…As far as I am concerned there is nothing that we have ever said to anybody (about that). There isn’t anything that says an employee must take a vaccination to work here. That’s not the case. That’s one thing am sure of”, he said.

An employee with an underlining health condition had told THE NEW TODAY that she did not take the vaccine but was told by a Supervisor that if she did not take it then she would not be able to “come back to work”.

Silversands which has been in operation for nearly two years was gripped in controversy ever since under construction along the Grand Anse beach.

The luxury resort features 43 rooms & suites, four 4-bedroom beachfront villas, four three-bedroom hillside villas, and the longest pool in the Caribbean.

This 100m (330 ft.) infinity pool – leads to Grand Anse Beach, one of the top beaches in the world, with its two miles of soft white sand, and clear waters.

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