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Dead Biker had no licence

Wendell Francis Pierre – was not licenced to be on the road with scooter

Police have confirmed that 32-year old Wendell Francis Pierre of Corinth, St. David who died following a road accident on Sunday did not have a license to be on the nation’s road.

“Yes, there is no record that he ever had a licence,” was the reply by Superintendent of Police, Dead Biker had no licence following an inquiry made by THE NEW TODAY.

The scooter on which Pierre was riding collided with a vehicle driven by former President of the Public Workers Union (PWU), Adrian “See Through” Francis.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY that the scooter rider was “playing the fool” on the road with the bike for most of the day.

“A lot of people were telling him to stop riding up and down the road like that and he was just not bothering with anyone. The accident happened when he was on the bike and turned around to cuss someone. He seemed to have lost control and ran into the vehicle,” he said.

The source stated that the driver of the vehicle saw the scooter coming onto him and tried to swerve to the side to try and avoid the collision.

This newspaper understands that the body of Pierre was just lying sprawled off on the ground as if he was dead.

The body was reportedly covered up but the former PWU boss apparently sensed that the bike rider was not dead and upon raising the alarm Wendell was rushed to the St. George’s General Hospital for urgent medical attention.

The biker later succumbed to the injuries sustained and an autopsy that was conducted said the cause of death was due to “Severe Creno Encephalic” due to “Multiple Skull Fractures”.

The former PWU President is said to be “in a bad state” due to the accident and has not been taking telephone calls from anyone since the accident.

Francis had a long career in the public service and spent many years as part of the Management Team at the Grenada Postal Corporation and then as Clerk of Parliament before retiring just over a year ago.

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