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‘Cryave’ captures coveted Groovy Monarch title on second attempt

‘Cryave’ - crowned the 2022 Groovy Monarch

I came here tonight to show support to the culture, the Spicemas Corporation (SMC), and whoever is involved in Carnival, and to show support to the people that support music regardless of what the noise is.

Those were the words of one of Grenada’s 2019 Groovy Monarchs, Jevaughn ‘V’ghn’ John in an interview with THE NEW TODAY, after he performed as a guest at the Groovy Monarch finals at the Grenada National Stadium (GNS) last week Friday, instead of defending the title, which he shared with the undefeated 4-times Groovy Monarch ‘Dash’, who also opted not to defend the crown this year.

‘Dash’, who has made history as the only artist to capture the Groovy Monarch title four (4) consecutive times, denied a request for an interview when contacted by this newspaper via telephone days before the finals were held, amidst what appeared to be a withdrawal from SMC-organised competitions by some of the regular artists over the controversial issue of insufficient prize monies.

However, V’ghn, who has maintained silence with regards to this issue, acceded and used the opportunity to defend his decision to not defend this year.

“I just felt like my time in the competition thing is over, and it’s time for other people to get a chance…I can say this, and I can say this loudly that a crown has never put me out (and) it has never been my main goal or my mission in music,” he said.

“…There is a time and a place for everything, and I just honestly feel like since the last one (competition in 2019), it was my time to exit… because I love to do what my spirit loves, and what makes me feel happy, (and) competition is not one of those things that make me happy,” he added.

V’ghn also expressed public support for his first cousin, Rashid “Cryave’’ Julien, for gaining the title of Groovy King this year.

After a night of keen competition, it was Cryave, who impressed the judges with his rendition of “Unbothered,” to win the 2022 title and the $30,000.00 first place prize with 273 points.

‘Crayve’ first made it to the final round of the Groovy Monarch competition in 2019 with a song called “Genie lover” when he tied for fourth place with brothers Luni Spark and Electrify (Kellon and Kelson Ogiste) who sang a song entitled “Chocolate.”

The singing duo captured the $15,000.00 third place prize this year, with a song entitled “Good vibes alone” on 247 points, and was one of the favourites competing, along with second place winner, Sherwin ‘Mr. Walkie’ Paul, who amassed 267 points with a song entitled “Heartbreak” to win the $20,000.00 second place prize.

“There are phenomenal talents everywhere, especially Mr. Walkie coming second…to come on top of all of these wonderful artists, it’s an amazing feeling, and I just hope that I can live up to the expectations of everyone from here on,” Crayve said in an interview with reporters.

He was interviewed after being crowned by the 2022 Groovy Monarch by the 2nd Runner Up in the 2022 Carnival Queen Show competition Ms. St. David – Tamara Mitchell, on behalf of the 2022 Queen Reesa McIntosh – Ms. St. George, who was unable to make it to the night’s event.

Emmanuel ‘EC’ Charles, who is a first-timer in the Groovy finals, copped the fourth position with a song entitled “Hold on” on 237 points.

He was followed by Findley ‘Scholar’ Jeffrey and Damion ‘Papi Boy’ La Pompe in the fifth position on 236 points, with a song entitled “Hope,” with Lesley ‘Brother B’ Modeste in the sixth position on 234 points with a song called “My last” while Abigail ‘Abby’ Morain placed seventh on 231 points with a song called “We outside,” tying with Jelonie ‘Lil Jello’ Fleming, who sang a song entitled “Thankful for life.”

Jerry ‘Papa Jerry’ Baptiste placed ninth on 223 points, with his rendition “Mas,” followed by Andrew ‘Hitz’ Phillip in the tenth position on 221 points, with his rendition “Best life,” and Samantha ‘Royalty’ Dickson in eleventh place on 214 points, with a song called “Fettas.”

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