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Covid-19 death toll stands at 44

At least 44 persons have died from Covid-19 in Grenada since the virus first touched down on the island in March 2020.

According to a source at one of the leading funeral homes, the total deaths from the disease on the island at the moment is more than the official figure of 36 as given last night by the Ministry of Health on its Dashboard.

She said that La Qua Funeral home has the bodies of 26 Covid-19 victims in a container in storage while Bailey’s Funeral Home has another 18 which puts the tally at 44.

Most of the other funeral homes on the island are believed to be ill-equipped to handle Covid-19 cases.

The official disclosed that the count is expected to be higher by the end of the day as more bodies have already started coming in for the day at some of the funeral homes.

She said that some of the bodies are coming from the St George’s General Hospital, Princess Alice Hospital at Mirabeau and from private homes.

The Funeral home official also refuted claims being circulated on social media that those agencies engaged in burying or cremating persons as a result of Covid-19 to make huge profits.

The post said: “The Keith Mitchell regime and funeral homes are holding the bodies of coronavirus victims. Keith Mitchell wants to get rid of the bodies like animals. Families are asked to pay $9,000 to dispose of the body, no embalming, no coffin, no service, no transportation to church and cemetery. Not even a service at the funeral homes. They are ripping off the families at the worst time”.

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According to the official this is completely false as her own Funeral Home was charging under $6,000.00 for a Covid-19 funeral as opposed to a normal funeral which cost $8,000 to $9,000.00.

“That’s not true. That’s an irresponsible statement. That statement that person made is incorrect – let them know that it is totally incorrect. That is not true at all,” she told THE NEW TODAY.

“That person aggravates my soul by saying that – it should never be said. That is not so. Any family can tell you that we are trying to minimise everything for them … you can’t take advantage of people when they are down and out – you can’t do that, this is not normal times” she said.

Latest statistics from the Ministry of Health put Grenada’s Covid-19 figure at 2646 cases since the virus was first detected 18 months ago.

Editor’s note: The Management of the sole funeral home in St. Andrew, Wayne’s Funeral Service (WFS) has expressed dissatisfaction that it was not included among the local funeral homes that have the capacity to handle Covid-19 bodies. An official of the home called to indicate that it has the facility to store persons who died from Covid-19 and currently has “Covid bodies” but declined to give any figures.

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