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Covid-19 cases rising on the port

Aerial view of the Grenada Ports Authority where Covid-19 is affecting some of the employees

Fingers are pointing at workers at the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) for a breakout of a few Covid-19 cases on the St. George’s main port.

According to a well-placed source, the deadly virus has also affected several members of the Customs Department who often work on a daily basis in close proximity to port employees.

A source who preferred to remain anonymous told THE NEW TODAY that a number of GPA workers have Covid-19 but the management there are keeping it low-keyed and do not want the public to know what is happening.

He said the recent spike in cases on the St. George’s port “started with them”.

“It is one of their staff that had it first – it started with them. They are covering it down – a couple (Custom) officers on the port now have it,” he added.

There are reports that the first port worker to fall victim to Covid-19 in the latest surge took place in what is normally called “The Cigarette Bond” which was used during the busy Christmas period to handle barrels.

The source said that one Port employee was affected by the virus and soon passed it on to a member of the Customs working in the area.

Speculation is rife that this Custom officer mingled with other colleagues and transmitted the virus to them.

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THE NEW TODAY was told that on Monday alone, about 4 Customs officers on the port came down with Covid-19 including one person in Shed One is home due to Covid-19 and another stationed at the Caricom shed.

According to the source, one Customs officer working in the shed known as “Queens” is also down with the virus.

“Before you hear it you hear somebody has gone home again with the virus,” he said.

Grenada has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases in the past week with the Dash Board from the Ministry of Health indicating well over 8, 000 persons have been affected by the virus since it was first detected on the island in March 2020.

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