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“Cooling off period” in executions in the underworld

Arthur Braveboy (l) – shot at close range; Von “Wangy” Cyrus (r) – had established himself as a leading gangster from the Carenage

A retired underworld figure who migrated from Grenada over a decade ago is predicting a “cooling off period” in the recent spate of deadly killings on the island that seemingly involved figures from the 4-Roads/Carenage Alliance and their rivals in the south of the island.

The individual who called THE NEW TODAY to express concern about the situation said that based on his contacts in the country he is confident that there can be “a cool-off” in the killings but it does not mean that the rivalry might not continue sometime in the near future.

He believes that the warring factions will engage in a truce immediately but do not rule out the possibility that something else can easily “spill up” and then go back down.

In the past month, three figures engaged in the Underworld of crimes have died after being shot in the head.

The first was Arthur Braveboy in an area known as “The Bronx” in Frequente, Shane Brown in Snug Corner, and Von “Wangy” Cyrus in Saigon in the South St George Constituency.

Police have laid charges against suspects in all cases – 32-year old Anton DeCoteau for killing Braveboy, and Razim Mitchell and Kevon Niles for the death of Brown.

Mitchell along with Marcus “Slick” Johnson are now in custody at Richmond Hill prison for the murder of Cyrus.

According to the underworld figure who claimed that he was no longer engaged in criminal activities and had turned to religion, over the years there have always been tension and “sporadic things going on” between Gangs from Grand Anse and those from the Carenage and to a lesser extent 4-Roads.

He recalled the cutting off of the hand of one known as “Zoo”” in an attack launched by the late “Dirty Cup” and a few of his associates.

In addition, he said that a second man also had his hand cut-off in a violent confrontation between these gang members.

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“I remember that 9 Lives had stabbed Jigger (Damian DePradine),” he remarked.

The one-time gangster in Grenada noted that at times the older gang members from these areas will “cool off” but the younger ones who will rise up to take their places will continue the warfare between South and the City.

“So that type of tension always existed,” he added.

The source indicated that in light of the recent killings, he did not foresee “the revenge thing” taking place immediately but it could happen in the Richmond Hill prison where both sides have inmates locked up at the institution.

He also said that contacts on the ground in Grenada have been assuring him that both warring sides do not have the personnel right now “with the heart” to engage in more blood-letting.

“If (name withheld) was outside (from prison) man would ah dead already,” he said.

This is reference to one of the key shooters who is linked to both the 4-Road Gang and the strongman in the Carenage Ghetto area.

According to the source, many of the so-called gangsters who are around in both 4-Roads and the Carenage “do not want to lose their lives – they want to live” and also lack the necessary leadership to spur them into action.

He said that the two gangs in the city can look for help from a recently released inmate from the Richmond Hill prison in connection with a chopping incident but doubted whether he might get involved in revenge killing at this point in time.

He referred to the youngster as “very dangerous” and was close to the executed “Wangy” “and can definitely be used to seek revenge against those who cut short his life.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is intensifying its efforts including patrols and surveillance in order to suppress the recent upsurge in crimes on the island.

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