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Controversial issue on the port

Kade Panchoo – represents truckers on the port

A major trucker operating on the St George’s Port is hopping mad that information about new controversial guidelines being contemplated for implementation at the island’s main point of entry for vessels has been leaked to THE NEW TODAY.

Kade Panchoo expressed concern in a message that was posted on a Group Chat involving persons involved in discussion on the issue.

The main bone of contention seems to surround a plan for the Port Police to open crates, barrels and other items that are leaving the port after examination and assessment by members of the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance.

One trucker with over 10 years of experience working on the Port has threatened not to co-operate and to allow the Port Police to open and inspect any goods without the owner being present.

The issue has generated some degree of discussion on Social Media with one prominent Grenadian taking the position that caution should be exercised in the matter.

He said that the truckers are not the owners of the goods that they transport and if the police do not have full confidence in the Customs officers then the lawmen should be assigned to work alongside them at the time of opening and checking of the items.

This has prompted concerns about whether the Port Police have any such powers by law to do that.

One person commented: “If this is the case and such powers have been given, be it emergency powers or by law, then it must be announced so that citizens can be educated, are aware and can obey.”

The Ministry of National Security is known to be concerned over the number of illegal guns and firearms entering the country through the port and airport.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY has decided to reproduce in full the angry response from Kade Panchoo on the leak of his contributions on the issue.

Good Evening Members,

On Tuesday last I posted a message/minutes from a meeting held with the Port Police, I asked for feedback, no one said anything.

Today I was greeted with my name attached to an article (last page) on The New Today newspaper dated Friday 28th April 2023, which was published expressing a truckman’s disagreement with some of the plans and projections that the Port plans to put in place, most of which were discussed is for our protection and safety.

We all have rules for our homes. Those are some of the rules for the port which is a controlled compound.

I must say, none of these plans are new to any truckman that functions at the port on a regular basis as we all know the do’s and don’ts. No one said that these plans are in full effect and demanded that they be followed as we are still in dialogue.

Why would a member share confidential information with the newspaper? You were all informed that if any clarification was needed regarding these plans to contact any member of the P.T.H.A Exec so we can bring the issue up with the port or share light on anything that he is not clear on.

I strongly disagree and disapprove of any information, be it message or minutes shared within our group, being shared outside especially with the media.

The information shared was for members’ knowledge. To date, no members of the P.T.H.A Exec is aware of any of the issues the paper spoke about. In their poor effort in reporting, no one from The New Today reached out to me nor any other Exec member for clarity on any matter.

To add fuel to the fire, my name is attached to an article in the national newspaper without my permission or approval along with other members and staff of the GPA and Port Police.

Information shared in the group is for our benefit and to raise awareness of what’s going on around us. Remember unity is strength.

I remain, respectfully,


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