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Construction work halted due to COVID-19

A local construction company in the north of the island has been forced to temporary close its operations as a precautionary measure due to possible exposure of some of its workers to Grenada’s 25th COVID-19 case.

A company spokesman told THE NEW TODAY that over 150 employees will be affected by the closure of the business for the next two weeks in the first instance.

He said the decision was taken on Monday night after information surfaced about the positive COVID-19 case and the places the person had visited after running away from the quarantine facility.

According to the official, the company was able to ascertain that the individual visited an eating place to drink a soup and it turned out to be the same place that most of its employees would also buy their meals.

“…That is where all (our) people eat,” he remarked.

The company spokesman said the evidence seems to suggest that the latest COVID-19 case was in wide circulation in the north of the island and as such the company found it necessary to take precautionary measures to isolate and protect its workforce from any exposure to the deadly virus.

He indicated that there is a distant possibility that the whole construction site including other places where the company workers would assemble and socialise after work could be contaminated by the unfortunate behaviour of the COVID-19 patient.

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THE NEW TODAY understands that the individual who is a Grenadian living in Canada came into the country on October 5 to attend a funeral scheduled for today when he was discovered to be positive with the coronavirus.

It is alleged that he took a taxi and ran away from a small hotel in the south of the island where he was in quarantine.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that several persons including school children were exposed to the island’s 25th COVID-19 patient and instructed them to go into quarantine for several days.

Police and health officials have also received information that the suspect did attend a big village party on the weekend and was allegedly spotted in a particular community smoking a single spliff along with several other persons.

The suspect is believed to be from Hermitage in St. Patrick but was picked up by police in an apartment in Tivoli, St. Andrew.

This is not the first time that an infected person has eluded health officials and put the country at risk for community spread of the novel coronavirus.

In April, an infected male was able to board a flight at the Maurice Bishop International Airport and leave the country and his disappearance became known only after the COVID-19 task force tried to locate him regarding his positive test result.

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