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Community Centre identified as “drug den”

The Community Center that is believed to be in use as a “drug den” in Fontenoy

Police in Grenada have identified a small Community Centre in Fontenoy in the heart of the St. George North-west constituency of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell as a major drug den and haven on the west coast.

A high-ranking police officer who spoke to THE NEW TODAY said that the Community Centre is no longer serving its purpose for several years now but has become more or less a place being used for wrong doing on the island.

He spoke of police gathering intelligence information that some residents in the small village are using the Community Centre “like a hub” for illegal activities.

“The Community Centre is not being used as a Community Centre anymore – it’s just used as a harbouring ground for illegal activities,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a female villager controls the keys to the Community Centre.

A villager said that persons can only get access to the building by approaching the individual.

According to the senior police officer, the recent police shooting of Chris “Santa” Regis was linked to illegal activities at the Community Centre.

Another high-ranking police officer directly involved in the battle against illegal drugs on the island corroborated the information.

He said that “Santa” was the target of the operation just over a month ago when he was shot running away from the police.

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He denied reports from some villagers that the shooting incident happened around Santa’s home but said it was close to the Community Centre.

The senior police officer insisted that “Santa” started to run from the Community Centre when he saw the police transport arriving in the area.

He said that police have carried out frequent raids at the Community Centre over the years following intelligence information about drug trading inside the building.

Prime Minister Mitchell has maintained a stranglehold on Fontenoy and several other villages in the constituency which he has been representing in Parliament since 1984.

When THE NEW TODAY visited the Community Centre on Monday, a number of young people were seen openly smoking ganja but they soon ran away from the area.