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Cocoa farmers get a small increase in price

The Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) is offering farmers a small increase in price for the commodity in order to get more produce for export.

An official of the association told THE NEW TODAY that effective January 1, the price went up by 10 cents per pound for wet cocoa.

“We hope to go up again (with the price) because we are getting good market, good price. We can’t meet the demand – the demand is great,” he said.

According to the official, the world price for cocoa is currently around US$2300.00 per tonne but Grenada’s cocoa is in demand and can fetch up to US$4000.00 per tonne.

“We’re getting a good price – we are not like nutmegs where nutmeg prices are very depressed. Cocoa – the price is very, very good,” he remarked.

The official appeared to be hopeful that newly installed Agriculture Minister, Peter David might be able to help in the badly needed resuscitation of the cocoa industry.

He spoke of the minister meeting with commodity board members and acknowledging that over the years, past governments have only been talking about assisting agriculture but has not done enough for the industry to grow.

He said that David gave an undertaking to farmers that he intends to change that perception.

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“As Peter told us, no government is really interested in agriculture … it is only lip service that government does pay to agriculture. He promised that he going to do what he can to change that,” he quoted the senior government minister as saying.

“…That’s a fact – they only talk agriculture and they do nothing. Grenada only talk agriculture but the sector is going down so we have to work together to put a stop to it,” he said.

GCA produced 1, 474, 315 lbs of dried cocoa in 2019 compared to the previous year’s figure of 1,430, 081 lbs, an increase of 2%.

The annual report put out by the association indicated that farmers processed 516, 739 lbs of cocoa and the association was responsible for the bulk of 957, 576 lbs.