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Cletus St Paul charged again

Cletus St Paul – placed on another $20, 000 bail

Cletus St Paul, the once-powerful head of the Security detail around Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, has been charged a second time by police with another sexual assault case.

Authoritative sources told THE NEW TODAY that St. Paul was slapped with the latest charge on Friday by a member of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

There has been no official release from the Community Relations Department of the police force on the second charge involving St. Paul.

THE NEW TODAY had picked up information on Friday that St. Paul was taken into custody since Thursday and was seen at CID.

However, an official at the office denied any knowledge of the top security official being at the department when he was contacted.

But according to legal sources, the second complainant was called by police today and informed that St. Paul was charged Friday for the offence and that she would have to be in court on Thursday for the first hearing of the matter.

“Don’t worry with them – they (RGPF) are trying to protect him (St Paul) so that’s why they (are) behaving so… not willing to give out information on him,” said a police insider.

The complaint was quoted by a top legal official as saying that the police officer who contacted her indicated that the top security man around Prime Minister Mitchell was placed on EC$20, 000 bail for the offence.

The 63-year old St Paul was also placed on EC$20, 000.00 bail for the earlier four charges of sexual assault slapped on him by police.

This case arose from an incident involving a 33-year old woman who was referred to him by Dr. Mitchell for housing assistance from the State.

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The latest victim told the CID in a statement that St Paul wanted sex in exchange for a job during a conversation she had with him in a vehicle.

She has said: “We started to talk (in the vehicle) and I told him I’m looking for a job, the Prime Minister tell me to get in contact with you. So then he turn and tell me ‘something for something’. I asked him what he means by that, he tell me ‘nothing doesn’t work out so these days’.

“I tell him thank you for your time and have a nice day. I had on a blue top and a white pants. As I was going to leave he grabbed me and he shoved his hand down into my breast. I was trying to struggle with him and my breast fell off my bra. So while I was trying to struggle with him, he put his hand on my chest and trying to get my breast into his mouth.

“I used my left hand now and give him about three slaps in his face. He was still struggling with me. And how I was (sitting in the vehicle), I could look behind so I tell him, ‘look someone coming’ and the same time I ran out the vehicle.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a third woman has spoken to a city lawyer about another ordeal with St. Paul but is very reluctant at this stage to come forward for fear that the publicity could ruin the relationship with her present boyfriend who has offered to marry her.