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City woman appears on gun and ammunition charge

Karen Regis – the mother of three appeared in court this morning

Acting Chief Magistrate Francine Foster has imposed strict bail conditions on a city woman caught on Friday night by police with an illegal firearm.

The accused, Karen Regis, appeared before the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s court this morning to answer charges of being in possession of a Glock gun and 15 rounds of ammunition.

The suspect is staying in a house between St John’s and Maloney Streets and less than 200 yards away from the drug-infested 4-Roads section of the city.

Regis was represented in the matter by U.S-trained attorney-at-law Jerry Edwin, who requested bail for his client without any opposition from the police prosecutors.

The Chief Magistrate set bail at EC$50,000 with two sureties and ordered that the two bailers provide proof of worth.

She also ruled as part of the bail conditions that Regis does not leave the state without the permission of the court and to surrender all travel documents.

In addition, the accused will have to report every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Central Police Station on the Carenage.

September 17 was the date set by the Chief Magistrate for Regis to return to court for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry into the gun and ammunition charge.

According to a police insider, the accused provided information under interrogation that the gun was dropped off by an underworld figure who told her to hold onto it for safekeeping and that he will come back for the weapon.

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He said the male individual is familiar to the police, as he was reportedly held some time ago by law enforcement officers with an illegal firearm around the Wall Street area in the south of the island.

The woman, a mother of three small children, is believed to have connections with the 4-Roads gang in the city.

She was also found to have in her possession a bullet proof vest.

The police are also receiving reports that some of the major underworld figures have been recruiting a battery of women to hold in safe-keeping and also to transport the illegal drugs and guns coming into the country.

Fingers are also pointing at a female government employee from the St. George North-east constituency as a person suspected to be playing the role of chief recruiter especially of young girls to work with the emerging organised crime syndicates operating in the country.

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